Elder Realms? Has anyone ever suggested crafting?


Talwar posted a video questioning if Elder Realms is the next step for RotMG that I thought was pretty interesting and which I very strongly disagreed with…

I think it goes without saying that plenty of realm players love PuffaGod’s Elder Realms and would be really stoked about it, but I very strongly disagree with Talwar’s suggestion. I think new endgame content should be made down the road but I think the linear process of an O3 run should never be made longer. I think 40-60 minutes to do Oryx’s castle, O1, O2, a miniboss, and O3 is already going to exhaust a lot of players and fill their backpacks.

What if elder realms became like the non-perma-death equivalent of the Arena–where you pay 350 fame and it grants you the ability to be transported into the elder realm? When you die, you just go back to nexus with all your items.

I think it would be really cool if upon re-entering the nexus (normal realm), all your loot from the elder realm became petrified fossils unusable in combat. BUT THEN, if you could trade these petrified elder UTs rocks into an NPC you could use these fancy rocks for either a crafting system or some quest or exaltation-like benefit. I think if they brought back the Alchemist that he’d be the perfect dude to want old rocks and to give you something cool for it.


@Puffagod Cool.


It hurts to think about this. I’d rather just fantasize the story and possibilities of that universe, because thinking of technical logistics to fit in with the game (non-lore wise) just makes me sad all over again that it’s never getting in. Same case with Oryx’s Paracosm.


I’ve been thinking of re-working elder realms into a more self-evident postmodernist high fantasy novel told through game design at some point… even though it won’t ever get in, it’ll sure get somewhere down the line…

also its a shame that Talwar used an outdated elder realms link in his video - I’d love to fix that if i could!


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