[ENDED] TheEliteDragons NPE Contest #1 [Prize Pool: 10 Decas]


Zuzu hasn’t yet confirmed whether or not they were serious about throwing in 20 Decas. I don’t want to raise any hopes, so the best we can do is expect a normal 2/1/0 like I mentioned initially. If it comes down to it, I can just add a few more to make it 5/3/2 if that’s what people want.

Edit: @Dbiz 5/3/2 has been confirmed.


yo gamma if you’d like i’ll add 2 gcookies 2 reskin helms and a pixie to the pool. also when does this start?


Thanks for the offer! :>
I think 10 Decas is sufficient for this first round, but we’ll be doing many more contests in the future (I’m hoping one each month). If you really want to contribute to the prize pool, we can discuss something for Contest #2. Means a lot that you’re willing to contribute :heart:


Less than 3 hours to DM me if you want to participate.


how many people have signed up so far?

  1. I might join as well, though (obviously) I forfeit any prize gains.


woah that’s more than I expected. I’m gonna have to work hard to get a deca…


fr lol


The contest is now closed. No more participants will be accepted.

List of participants:
Prales - Sorcerer
WaterPower - Wizard
Zuzu - Wizard
Maddymoon - Warrior
LudwiGa - Archer
XBookwyrmX - Mystic
DeeBomb - Rogue
Dbiz - Warrior
RopeCope - Warrior :x:
GLIZerkus - Archer :x:
Ridel - Paladin
Wolfonix - Knight
OgrendeldO - Knight
AlphaCroc - Wizard
SwagSpikes - Priest :x:
And meeeeeee - Sorcerer

They have until 1/26 to grind and survive.


two deaths already??? Rippp


What happened to the x on prales?


I mistook him for someone else.


Looks like it’s just the two of us competing for warrior :smiling_imp:


@deebomb so it’s just us competing for rogue :smiling_imp:


No one’s competing for Assassin :c


I would but I’m doing classes I need for white star


Sorted it


Swag, our only priest, is down.

Well @Ridel (and @GammaGamer, who doesn’t count), loner class represent? :cry:


what about deebomb?


I did miss him. Because he’s a rogue. Invisible and irrelevant. We don’t speak of their kind.