Enemy Spawn Eggs


Similar to the way keys work, implementing eggs or some sort of item that would spawn a boss that’s not in a dungeon. For example, Phoenix Lord or Deathmage Eggs could be purchased with fame so higher level characters don’t have to run around looking for it forever. Even other bosses can be spawned such as ones that drop portals to dungeons. Bosses that drop entrances should be more expensive when purchasing with fame, or if they were all the same price the drop rate of the entrance could be lowered according to the difficulty and rarity of the dungeon.


There are a lot of things to take into account here. First, we need to make sure that spawning is safe for everyone. I can easily see players buying up a huge stock of Ava eggs and unleashing hell in the Shorelines. Second, we need to make sure that the spawning is possible in the first place. Many enemies require their own specific setpiece because the terrains moderately or greatly impact the fights themselves. (Example: Water and pillars must be present for a Hermit God fight to be correctly replicated.) This can cause two issues – 1) there may not be enough space, and 2) instantly replacing many tiles can cause unwanted lag. Third, we must consider its impact on RotMG on a greater level. People will have no need to travel the Realm in search of portals if we have extremely easy access to these eggs. All we would need for the rest of our time playing RotMG is a guy with stacked amounts of Fame.


honestly, maybe only for stuff like pheonix lord and deathmage etc.


Is there a reason for me to seek out phoenix lords or death mages that I don’t know about?


ST samurai set (new one)


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