Enforcer is bad: a clickbait title for a serious post


“lol”, you may say now, “lmao, nice clickbait title for a shitpost”.
Unfortunately, I’m completely serious and unsarcastic when I say that Enforcer, the katana, is bad.

The reasoning for this is partially related to its stats. To quickly recap for anyone who isn’t familiar with them:
Enforcer has 2 shots with an arc gap of 6 degrees. Each shot deals between 100-140 damage; their range is about 5.8 tiles, with a speed of 14 tiles/sec - slightly faster than tiered katanas.

Inherently, nothing jumps out that would make one consider it a bad weapon - if anything, it looks incredibly promising: twice as many shots for about a 30% damage decrease compared to Sadamune (T13) per shot - a net increase for sure. At the cost of piercing, of course.

And that’s exactly where my beef with it lies: Enforcer is…good. Really good. Too good.
Having Enforcer already invalidates needing a Celestial Blade (lower damage and range), Ray Katana (very comparable range for over double base damage), or virtually any ST katana.

It’s that why I think Enforcer is bad: the fact that it invalidates any other option a player may have. It’s the Doku No Ken situation from beefore the katana re-balance all over again, yet somehow worse.


The problem is getting the enforcer though


It’s almost like endgame items are meant to be good


Enforcer is powerful. If you need proof of this, please refer to the following Haizor graph, where our Enforcer friend (pink line) destroys the other relevant katanas:

It obviously cannot be argued that it’s not extremely powerful, so the argument then turns to whether or not such power is justified. Dropping from Oryx’s Sanctuary, the Enforcer certainly deserves to be powerful, so it should obviously outclass other katanas in general with the exception of others on the same power level (those that drop from endgame dungeons/event bosses), which should at least be relevant for certain scenarios.

From event bosses, we have the… Ray Katana. Generally considered bad by players due to its lack of dps (see graph; yellow line), Ray Katana has two advantages over Enforcer: 0.24 tiles of extra range and the ability to pierce. The former is practically useless, but the latter comes in handy when you’re hitting a dense pile of enemies. Good for early/midgame content, not good for endgame. Ray could potentially be a swapout for an Enforcer, but nothing more than that.

A better piercing option than Ray would be a Kusanagi; the T14 katana and other Sanctuary representative has some pretty good dps (see graph; white line), and despite having 1.13 tiles less range, the ability to pierce will nevertheless be very useful when you can hit more than one enemy at once. Additionally, Kusa’s dps doesn’t drop off as quickly as Enforcer’s, so piercing becomes more relevant as enemy def increases.

Alternatively, one could take a Quartz Cutter (light blue line); with comparable dps at point-blank range as Kusanagi, this endgame dungeon ST will be taking the role of extreme crowd control for our top katanas due to its triple shot pattern, and will best be used in situations where you have a large pile of enemies to clear at once. Again, this situation is more likely to occur in early/midgame situations (especially since its dps drops off very quickly as def increases), but if you frequently come across these scenarios, Quartz will be your go-to.

Though not really an endgame white bag, Celestial (purple line) is kind of like Enforcer’s younger sibling who wants to be just like their big brother when they grow up; with generally a little less dps than the latter, it also has decent range (though slightly less), it also doesn’t pierce and you have to be careful to land all your shots (somewhat like Enforcer). Celestial fills the same role as Enforcer, just not as well. But Enforcer outclassing it slightly in every regard is fine, because Celestial drops from LoD, which isn’t anywhere close to Sanctuary in terms of difficulty.

There are no other endgame katanas to compare to Enforcer; the others on the graph are generally decent for their respective uses, but none come close to outclassing Enforcer, Kusanagi and Quartz in any practical regard, and none of them drop from crazy-hard dungeons as it is. Comparing these three, we see that Enforcer will be the go-to for endgame content where enemies are generally far enough apart that piercing doesn’t matter, while Kusanagi will be the go-to for when you do have to hit multiple enemies at once and Quartz exists for if you sometimes have to do crowd control.

In summary, for a Sanctuary white, I’d say that Enforcer isn’t so incredibly overpowered; obviously it’s the best go-to katana for attacking a single enemy, but there are others in its power level that will certainly be usable. I think the main issue with the comparisons here is that Ray Katana just isn’t all that great compared to others, and some rebalancing for it would help make Enforcer seem less overpowered. Thus, I would say that Enforcer’s power is justified, and isn’t excessive once you consider where it drops from.

I will add that I remember when Doku was a straight-up upgrade to tiered katanas, but I don’t think that comparison applies in this case; Doku pierced just like tiered katanas, had more range and dps, and the only downside compared to Masamune was the weird shot pattern (some even considered this a point in Doku’s favor). Meanwhile, Enforcer can’t pierce and its dps drops off relatively quickly as def increases, to the point where a measly LoD item (one which again, fills much the same niche as Enforcer) beats it out starting at 57 def. Other katanas, namely the tiered ones, are still applicable.


They keep fucking ninja over. In IC/OOC the star of enlightenment dropped from a 50% damage boost to 25% damage boost, and the ST star dropped from giving 2x defense with armored to 1.5x defense. Literally no reason to use star of enlightenment if you have Kunai now. If enforcer gets nerfed, then I’ll have no reason to play ninja. Warrior can perma speedy, is tankier, and has some RIDICULOUS swords (Colo has high range AND damage, Chipper has insane DPS up close, Divinity is god tier clearing). Warrior is basically a better ninja in almost every way EXCEPT for mid-range single target damage. Hell, even wands do about the same damage as tiered katanas - Enforcer is the only good option besides Doku.

Besides, it’s not like enforcer is always your go-to best option. Doku is absolutely god tier for clearing (not on the same level as Divinity, but it drops from an easier dungeon so it’s fine.), and if you don’t have Doku then T14 or void blade will also get the job done better than enforcer. This is NOT another Doku No Ken situation; enforcer has a clear niche that it fulfills well, and is outclassed in other areas.

It’s 100% okay for an end game UT to outclass a midgame UT. Look at arcane rapier vs Divinity.

I’m gonna be upset if they pull another annoying firecracker katana on us. Ninja is wayyyy too squishy to be using a psuedo-dblade weapon. Enforcer gives ninja a comfortable spot between warrior and wizard for single target damage, nerfing it would throw ninja out of the meta and just give rise to even more warriors and wizards.


imagine the most endgame katana items bieng good. amiright?


now seriously. the enforcer is this good because it drops from a waay harder dungeon than cel blade/ any other katana (exept t14 but that pierces). lets say me, an average/slightly below average player can easily do black dragon in LOD on even a fresh lvl 20. now, imagine the same player doing chief biesa, a high-damage, high-speed boss that is known for insta-popping players with falcons or killing by minions. really. deca, of all people woul’dnt keep such an “OP” weapon in game (vblade nerf, deathless nerf, candy katana nerf)? there is a valid reason for Enforcer bieng this good. it drops from a hard boss at pretty low rates and is hard 2 farm due to hackers/crashers in o3. THIS is why Enforcer is good.


gonna throw a curveball at you by sidestepping the entire “too op” vs “it’s O3 bruh” conversation and ask you this:

what the hell else could it possibly have been?

rotmg combat has like no depth whatsoever to it. just about every meaningful niche already exists, so any future item that ever gets added to rotmg will either be superior or inferior to some existing content in every way. and this state of things isn’t new at all either, we hit this kind of saturation ages ago. I seem to recall similar conversations being held about wand of the fallen vs conducting wand, so I’m not surprised in the least it happened again with celestial blade vs enforcer. you can see this happening with most other O3 whites, but it’s most noticeable with all of the weapons. I also seem to remember urging against adding an entire fucking 20 white bags to oryx’s sanctuary and one of the reasons was to avoid exacerbating this exact kind of problem.

I don’t think any argument relating to balance of any kind is applicable here, enforcer’s state is more a matter of inevitability than anything else. if enforcer wasn’t “too good”, everyone would boo deca until they buffed it since it drops from a high difficulty location. power creep is the only direction left anymore. mark my words, whatever new dungeon comes out next will contain an item that the playerbase at large will either consider superior or inferior to some existing item. there might be some flimsy justification for this new item’s existence, but in practical terms it won’t change the general opinion on it. I’ll also throw in that the offending item is most likely to be a weapon, though it could still be any type of equipment.


Honestly, that concept seems to be as futile of an effort trying to convince other players to shake up regular habits, like killing the same enemies in the same order, or moving in a slightly different path. It’s mostly why I’ve never cared about what gear I’m wearing, too… everything seems to be just a little bit better or a little bit worse than something else, so really, at this point, if it has an attractive enough gimmick, or if, you know, I have nothing else, regardless of inferiority, I’m going to use it.

In the end, you’re shaving seconds off of a fight, which, if you’re already surviving for the bulk of it, is more of a convenience than anything.


Enforcer is definitely a really solid katana, though as someone who has mained Samurai and Ninja for a while post-O3 update, I do have swapouts aside from Enforcer. The T14 katana is one of the strongest (and most practical) weapons for crowd control, which is sometimes prefered over the Enforcer which cannot pierce targets. I’ve also brought along the void blade for those few times where it shines, but that was before the developers ruined the weapon and broke its purpose. But that’s my experience with it, I believe Jimdafish has summarised it really really well with his analysis.

Honestly, if anything, I thought people would be complaining that Lumiare is too good. I mean sure it has a slow shot speed, but its straight up crazy dps over any other wand makes it worthwhile to use over most wands, or at least so it seems…

That’s why it hasn’t been changed no? Because it serves a niche purpose, it would probably not be a good idea bringing this weapon to a fight where the enemies and bosses are moving extremely erratically and frequently, nor is it the best choice for clearing massive hordes of enemies like the nest (it doesn’t do a bad job at it, it’s just not the best) For the same reason Lumiare’s drawback justifies its dps, Enforcer’s drawback also justifies its dps as the go-to katana for single-target enemies. I would always bring swapouts if I had these weapons that’s for sure


wasnt there already a leak for an enforcer nerf? increases the arc gap right? ray katana is still relevent then, wouldn’t reikoku still beat at high def?

anyway ninja and samurai are very underrated, this gives them a spot in the meta and makes them much more popular so i can’t complain
haven’t we already seen that deca is willing to make items straight upgrades to those before? (talking about divinity and ancient stone). lod is so much easier than beisa.


The difference is that while Lumiare has the same non-piercing problem as enforcer, it also has a massive drawback in its shot pattern, which at least slightly balances it.

Enforcer only has the lack of pierce, which isn’t a problem in most boss fights, and has a better shot pattern than the tiered katanas and celestial blade, with the extra range and low spread.

imo the way to balance enforcer would be to make the shots more difficult to use, maybe like a colo sword or something similar

or buff every other katana, or both.


an increase in the spread was leaked