Okay i used Ccleaner the computer cleaner thingy and i used it and it works i can play realm but half of the time flash dosent work with the error showing up even though i cleaned it and restart it too just in case but are there any others ways and the client is up to date


Are you using the link http://realmeye.com/appspot?
There’s a new link that works all the time. For some reason the old link sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.


Do you know the new linK?


Yep. It’s https://www.realmofthemadgod.com/client

If you ever forget, it’s on the realmeye wiki. Search “flash projector”.




what new link and flash STILL hasn’t been working and does appspot work and i know about the client


I use this link:


(this one:


gives a missing en file error for me too)


Are you getting the D’oh error, or something else?


yes sir