Epic "corrupted realm" event (void return)



So I haven’t posted in quite a while, which is unusual because I’m often spamming crap in the Items Section. If you’re new to the Forums or don’t know me, ask any long-time member of this place and they’ll say, “Oh, Gamma. Yeah, he’s the childish guy that rolls around in the Items Section like a derp that cries and screams.”

And I can’t disagree. After a good month of working hard (and dropping some F-bombs in a few threads), I am back with a dramatic entrance that no one cares about!


Before everything, let me warn you about the huge set of texts that may drown you. So sit back and get comfortable because this is gonna be a LONG ride.

There’s been some talk within the Forums a while ago about adding a new Realm type with more powerful enemies and deadlier environment. So I present to you the Corrupted Realm…or the Possessed Realm…or just, you know, the “New Realm”.

Welcome to the Realm that had corrupted by the Void Entity! A homey tour location with unique and exotic environments that include deathly gray-purple brick paths, void water, dark and ashy soil, dead plants, corrupted animals, and possessed enemies!



Tree%20B Tree%20Dead


Beholder%20(1)%20(1) Medusa


You may have countless questions by now, like “How do you get there?” and “Are there any new items?”. I will get to ALL of them in a moment, but I first want to jump into the juicy parts that connect the Corrupted Realm to the rest of the game.

That’s right – I’m proposing a NEW ending to the Void!

I’m pretty sure we can all agree on the chronological order of RotMG’s lore – Ice Cave, Shatters, Lost Halls, Cultist Hideout, Void, then finally what I like to call the “Last Set” (Castle, Chamber, WC).

If you're confused about the chronological order of RotMG's lore, click this!

The Ice Cave and the Shatters were vessel points for the Void Entity, who corrupted Esben and the Forgotten King, hopping from soul to soul until it reached its “pure form”. Then it corrupted the Marble Colossus, making the Lost Halls the next point in the timeline. Malus and the Cultists do their best to keep the Entity locked up in the Void using their magic, so the Cultist Hideout is next. The heroes defeat Malus and the others, making their way to the Void (eventually…they have to restart the Lost Halls to do that). Since the Void Entity taunts about defeating Oryx later, we know that Oryx is still alive, so the Castle, Chamber, and WC come last. Thus the timeline continues to make sense.

Anyways, the new ending is this:

After the Void Entity is defeated in the Void, everything goes normal, players pick up their loot, and people flex. But when the players exit the dungeon through the Realm Portal, instead of the normal “everyone goes back to grinding again” ending, they get a preview – a short video of the Realm slowly changing into a dark, possessed state. Soil and grass turn purple and black. Normal enemies get possessed by the Void Entity.

For players who finish the Void all the time like it’s no big deal, there could be a “Skip” button, and also an option in the Settings where you can turn off the Ending Credits.


And for the people that are suckers for lore (no judgment, I am too!), here’s a nice Doc to satisfy your needs:

You may have noticed that I put Delta in one of the stories. If you don’t know who he is, he was the main character from my Life of an Assassin series from a good while back. The first sentence of the story is also the first sentence of the Life of Assassin.


After a good amount of thinking, I decided that completely copying the Realm with direct upgrades wasn’t going to cut it. It would be so boring, just adding things from the same theme set. I also decided that having more dungeons wasn’t going to look good, either. Taking a buttload of time, who has time to make just a bunch of copied versions of dungeons?

Let me get this straight – I don’t want this to follow the original timeline. Why? Because there are so many ideas and possibilities to go through, and each one gets stopped by a problem – the game not making sense. I had to make everything make sense. How come the Realm gets overwhelmed by the “Void Plague” if the Void Entity is dead? So it doesn’t. The heroes win, THE END.

BUT…what if they didn’t? What if the heroes were defeated by the Void Entity, which reigned its darkness over the Realm? What if…Yeah, you get what I mean.

because alternativehistoryhub =D

Parallel to the Wine Cellar being the final battle, in this I wanted this to be the FINAL BATTLE – the EPIC SHOWDOWN where the Heroes are reborn to stop the “Void Plague” from completely spreading across the Realm.

So a parallel ending…A parallel universe…HA, DIDN’T THINK OF THAT ONE, DID YOU?

HOW IT WORKS (finally!)

“Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay,” you’re probably saying. “Now HOW THE HELL DOES IT WORK?”

And to that…I would say STFU because I’m getting into it now.

Getting to the Corrupted Realm is pretty straight-forward. During the Event, there could be a second portal room just above the normal one. In there, three portals will spawn every five to ten minutes. There will be three
portals to eliminate the huge massive crowd of players jam-packed into one tiny Realm. Each Corrupted Realm can hold a maximum of ~50 players.

Player must have 10 or more stars to enter.


  • Corrupted Realm hit ~50 players
  • Corrupted Realm hit 20 players, and no more players join for 3 minutes

Summarized Gameplay: ≤50 players are spawned randomly throughout the Corrupted Realm (only in Shorelines, though) and must make their way to the center, where the Final Boss is.


Also, gonna make this clear: TELEPORTATION DISABLED

In-game, this Event should last a while IMO, but you know, this my idea and I’m pretty biased for it, so take it with a grain of salt XD.

Which is a fine idea! Maybe this Event could be a weekly thing for every Saturday or something! Perhaps there could even be Keys for PRIVATE CORRUPTED REALMS!

Ooh, things are getting SWEET. You defeated all of the Cursed Bosses, made it to the center of the Corrupted Realm…What now? The Final Boss awaits…

Boss Room Sample:


Sample Tiles: zVenkKf%20(2) 9Qvq6sW

I know, I know, very bright colors. Ew, disgusting. It was my best quick shot at this, okay? Leave me alone.

You thought you were done with this monstrosity? Hell no – it’s back.

Marble Colossus II


Recreated by the Void Entity, it has fulfilled its destiny of conquering the Realm.

HP: 300,000 (+60,000 per player in Realm)
DEF: 60
EXP: 80,000

“Ah, so good to be back!”

“Do not prate my strength. This will be the end of you!”

“There is no covenant between me and you. Gods and mortals can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out an through!” (Inspired by Iliad, written by Homer)

“Behold true power…They will be last you see.”

"Impossible…This cannot be true! I am invincible!


“No…Dark Lord…Save me once more!..NOOO!”

I’m a little lazy, so I won’t go too deep. All you need to know is that this bad boy is significantly stronger than the original Marble Colossus.

The real question remains: What is the purpose of all of this? What items can you get?

Starfall Quiver


A cosmic quiver crafted from weightless materials of the unknown. Its weightless arrows of swift destruction have been heavily enchanted.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 80 (non-charged) / 100 (charged)

Special: Hold Space for 3 sec to “Charge” the Quiver

  • Character will flare purple to signal that the Quiver is charged


  • It is possible to hold Space longer, but this will not do anything

Damage: 260-320 (290) [non-charged)] OR 340-400 (370) [charged]

Effect: Weak to enemies (4 sec) [non-charged] OR Expose to enemies (4 sec) [charged]

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

An extremely unique Quiver that essentially let’s you wield TWO ABILITIES IN ONE. Instead of the Charged dealing more damage than the Non-Charged, the two inflict entirely different Status Effects on targets, meaning the user has to be strategic on when to use which.

Voidism Seal


The infamous seal of the Voidists. A dark piece of work created and cursed by necromancers of the deep depths.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 115

Effect: Invisible to self (2 sec), Slow to self (2 sec)

Summons: Void Remnants (3)

Remnant Duration: 6 sec

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

Void Remnant


Behavior: Sticks to the nearest enemy within 4 tiles (cannot go beyond radius)

Effect: Every second it sticks to an enemy = +10 HP Heal and +1 ATT (to the user)

  • Attack boost ends after the Remnant Duration of the ability is over.

Assuming all three Remnants each latch on to an enemy, the user can accumulate a total of +180 HP heal and +18 ATT (for only one second, though). The Invisible for Slow tradeoff can be both good and bad. To compensate for a large number of effects, the MP Cost is quite large at 105.

Tome of Chaos


Those who hold it receive massive amounts of power intended for the use of gods. Some are driven to insanity, while some simply incinerate.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 110

Effect: Berserk to self (4 sec), Exposed to self (2 sec)

Heal: 150 (+10 per 15 WIS)

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

This magic-pulsing artifact is one of the last traces of the Entity’s evil wrath.

Helm of the Menace


The former war helm of a possessed void general. After eons of age and rust, its durability and defense have diminished, but its powers of inspiration are intact.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 85

Effect: Inspire to self (6 sec), +150 HP Increase to self

Stat Bonuses: +5 DEF

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

*Inspire: Player leaves a purple trail behind during movement. All other players that step on the trail receive a stat boost of +10 DEX. The trail disappears once the ability duration is over.

Shield of Continuum


A work of the Void, it protects the user by using darkness to bind evil. It was once used by the ancient Dark Knights.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 90

Effect: Immune to self, +10 DEX to self

Duration: 6 sec

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

*Immune: Complete immunity to all negative status effects except Pet Stasis

Stygian Tablet


During the dawn of time, the ancient god of destruction used this chaotic spell to quickly decimate enemies. Countless fear the pure might of this flawless piece of dark magic and the demonic smites it enforces.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 120

Shots: 2 (arc gap: 5°)

Hits Per Sec: 24

Duration: 2 sec (48 hits)

Damage: 35-45 (average: 40)

Total Damage: 1920

Range: 6 tiles

Cooldown: 3 sec (duration + 1 sec)

Fame Bonus: 5%

Feed Power: 900

Video to show how it works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qRg7tjQ2YtjRLG20Xwxmkjm1YLOxg6ud/view
(yeah, I used a weapon for the demo, plus the shot sprites aren’t correct)

An insanely powerful spell with max average damage of 1920 at the cost of 110 MP and a measly 6-tile range, as well as the fact that the aim of the spell cannot be changed after Space is pressed, meaning the ability can only be used at full extent on stationary enemies.

Dark-Striped Snare


Created and used by dark elven huntresses, this trap was used to bring down legendary monsters. Those unfortunate enough to be caught by this tool were quickly disarmed from their armor due to its strange powers.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 110

Arming Duration: 2 sec (other traps have 0.75/1 sec)

Effective Duration: 25 sec

Radius: 6 tiles

Damage: 200

Effect: Armor Broken to target (2 sec)

  • Trap Damage is inflicted BEFORE the Armor Break

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

The ONLY ability to effect Armor Broken to enemies. It has an Effective Duration of 25 seconds, and any enemy that steps within a large 6-tile radius gets Armor Broken (absolute 0 DEF) for 2 seconds. To compensate for this, it costs 110 MP, deals little damage, and takes double the time to arm.

Cursed Shortblade


A magnificent wakizashi with an evil cutting edge that can slice through anything. Being so sinister, it was banished from the Realm.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 105

Shots: 6

Damage: 480-510 (average: 495 / total: 2970)

Effect: Curse (3.5 sec) to target(s), Slow (2.5 sec) to self

Range: 4.5 tiles


The shots move from left to right, starting as a compact cluster, spreading out at the middle, then compacting again.


The Y and X location both depend on the cursor location. If it is close to the user, the shots begin in a lower Y location.


If it is to the side of the user, the shots start at that angle.


A powerful wakizashi that deals a great sum of damage and inflicts Daze in return for Slow to the user, a rather high MP cost, and the fact that the shots cannot pierce through enemies. An excellent ability against stationary enemies or those with predictable movement.

Vortex Star


A deadly projecting blade only used for wars against unholy deities of the Realm. The souls sacrificed for the creation of it were lost forever in darkness.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 95

While Key Held:

  • HP Cost: 20 HP/sec
  • Effect: Damaging Effect to self

(HP cannot go below 100)

When Key Released:

  • MP Cost: 100
  • Damage: 500-700 (600)
  • Effect: Slow to enemies (3 sec)
  • Projectile Speed: 15
  • Range: 15

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

A unique Star with an HP Cost instead of an MP Cost. When the Ability Key it uses up a rather large amount of MP (100) for a 600 DMG star (300 less than Tier 6) and the Slow effect on targets.

Scepter of the Magus


A preeminent implement of the mighty Entity in physical form. Though its power is greatly reduced when used by mortals, it is enough to blind them of their intentions.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 100

Damage: 480 (+15 for every 5 VIT over 50)

Effect: Paralyze to enemy (3 sec), Paralyze to self (1 sec)

Targets: 1 (15° target cone)

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

This Scepter may deal more damage and paralyze, but at the cost of 100 MP, 1 second of paralyze to the user. It also requires more accuracy, as the target cone is half of the tiered Scepters. Its unusual attribute is the VIT Mod, which encourages Sorcerers to max Vitality, a stat widely seen as useless.

Sin Crystal Orb


A mystical orb that foresees all dreary endings. Some say that, when wielded by a god, it even has the power to manipulate the future entirely.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 90

Effect: Stasis at cursor (1-tile radius), Armored + Dazed to self (4 sec)

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

An Orb with a more precise Stasis effect, arguably making it a little more “fair” and less annoying to other players. I decided to inflict the user Dazed because I felt like Stunned would be too much, and I wanted the user to be able to shoot.

Possessed Phantom Cloak


A sinister cloak that consumes souls for the user to nullify the curse of eating up the user’s life.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 95


  • Invisible to self (2.5 sec)

  • 60 DMG (ignores DEF) to all enemies within a 4-tile radius

  • +40 HP per enemy within radius

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

Prism of Dark Allure


A unique prism that reflects no light – only the wispy shadows of the user, and the swift deaths of enemies.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 85

Effect: No Decoy

  • Teleport to cursor

  • 700 DMG to all enemies in a 2-tile radius of arrival

  • Immediately teleport back (to original location)

  • 400 DMG to all enemies in a 3-tile radius of arrival

Stat Bonuses: +4 ATT, +4 WIS, +4 VIT

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

A unique no-decoy Prism that gives the Trickster a chance at dealing a directed and massive 700 damage at the risk of taking damage as well. The user then teleports back, dealing 400 damage to all enemies within a specific radius.

Overcast Cranium


The cursed skull of a cultist leader. It lends the user the destructive energy of magic, and whispers the deaths of all.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 95

Effect: Speedy to self (2.5 sec)

Special: +3 ATT every time user is hit

  • Maximum ATT boost of +12 ATT at once

Duration: 5 sec

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

Bottled Pure Evil


A remaining part of the Void Entity encased in a crystal concoction powerful enough to contain the pure mass of evil. Its effects are deathly and gruesome.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 110

Impact Damage: 500

Damage Over Time: 400 (100 per sec)

Damage: Duration: 4

Total Damage: 500+400= 900

Radius: 4 tiles

Effect: Slow (2.5 sec)

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

Cursed Lodestone


The evil version of the mythical Lodestone. Its raw power drives dark forces into the user, taking over the body and possessing the mind into thoughts of sin.

Tier: UT

Stat Bonuses: +7 DEF, +7 ATT, +7 DEX, +6 SPD, -50 HP, -7 WIS

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

To spice things up even further, I even added a thing widely known throughout RotMG – collecting little items, turning them in for bigger items, then turning the bigger items for a grand reward!

Dark Fragment


Amount Needed: 10

Output: Dark Crystal

:arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

Dark Crystal


Stacks Up To: 10

So remember: 10 Dark Fragments = 1 Dark Crystal

With 10 Dark Crystals (100 Dark Fragments), you can get ONE of the following:

Starfall Quiver
Voidism Seal
Tome of Chaos
Helm of the Menace
Shield of Continuum
Spell of Cursed Smites
Dark-Striped Snare
Cursed Shortblade
Star of Lost Spirits
Scepter of the Magus
Sin Crystal Orb
Possessed Cloak
Prism of Dark Allure
Overcast Cranium
Bottled Pure Evil

With 15 Dark Crystals (150 Dark Fragments), you can get:

Cursed Lodestone

Phew, that was pretty long, right? Are you okay? Fantastic, because we’re not yet finished!

But don’t cry, for things are gonna get pretty interesting from here.

Randomly spread across the Corrupted Realm will be Possessed Chests. These Chests can be destroyed by players and drop some interesting loot.


HP: 15,000

EXP: 5,000

Drops: Artifacts

Now you’re thinking, “WTH are Artifacts?” Let me explain.

Artifacts = Rewards

Artifacts are mysterious objects that can be collected and turned in to an NPC called the Collector. In return, the player receives a reward. Every Artifact gives a different reward.

Scroll Fragment


A set of pieces from a scroll. It has many portions missing, but if all are retrieved, perhaps it could be worth something.

Needed: 5

Reward: Void Scroll

:arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

Void Scroll


A mysterious set ancient glyphs and writing. Scribes today do not know its meaning, but understand the energy within. Its powers are limited, however, and can only be used a certain amount of times.

Uses: 3

Effect: Armored to self (2.5 sec)

Feed Power: 200

Void Particle


Contains traces of magic and power. Maybe putting several together could lead to a greater outcome.

:arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

Void Stone


One of the mystical elemental sources of power and destruction. The preeminent strength it gives to the user matches the strength of gods themselves.

Uses: 3

Effect: Damaging to self (5 sec)

Feed Power: 200



The Collector is a friendly NPC who is accessible in the upper Corrupted Realm portal room. He mends magical items and turns Artifacts into useful items.

Artifact Reward Quote
Scroll Fragment Void Scroll “Ah, the Void Scroll. Such a mysterious and powerful piece of work. Use it wisely!”
Void Particle Void Stone “The Void Stone is sinister but can be used for good. Thank you for stopping by!”

There are also some extra quotes if a player in the Corrupted Realm portal room says one of the following:

Player Collector
Hello Greetings, adventurer!
Bye Farewell! Come by again soon!
Come No can do! I am bound to this duty.
Void The Corrupted Realm needs saving. Why don’t you help?
Oryx Ah, yes, that dictating swine that reigns terror across the Realm.
Terrible Many refer to him as “The Bad Doctor”. His hair freaks me out.
Alexander He was an honorable man. Shame he passed so soon…
He lives and reigns and conquers the world That would be for Thessal, not me

The Collector will make a Nexus-wide statement every 2 minutes:

“Come with your artifacts, and I will share a little secret…”

Not much is known about the Collector. He comes from humble beginnings, seeking for answers to his questions. He learned simple magic, lived poor, and traded with fellow people in the Realm. Being a good man that is against the dictating rule of the Mad God, he is more than happy to mend magical items to help the heroes.


So now we have reached the FINAL QUESTION: What impact does this make? Well, to answer that, here’s a list of benefits, new concepts, cool gameplay, and more that come from the Corrupted Realm:

  • A fun alternative game ending

  • New and fresh Realm with cool “void” themes everywhere

  • Old enemies upgraded and with new “corrupted” sprites

  • Changes up the same old grind within the game

  • New abilities for each of the 15 classes

  • Some added sprinkles of lore and connections for the game plot

  • A new NPC (really, it’s kinda boring with the current ones)

  • An upgraded find-and-turn-in system with great rewards

  • Consumables with a set amount of uses

  • Opportunity to get the Armored effect without grinding for the Jugg

  • The return and revenge of the dope Final Boss - Marble Colossus II

Of course, this IS an idea that needs a LOT of support and feedback. Make sure to leave your thoughts and comments below so I can improve this. Seriously, guys, your opinion is INCREDIBLY vital for things like this. I really want to make this the best possible.


– Gamma

Just a note...

If you’ve followed my activity for a while, I wanted to let you know that my Cryptic Rift dungeon will be severely postponed. I currently have five dungeons that I plan to release at some point:

  • Cryptic Rift
  • Mastermind’s Complex (Epic Mad Lab)
  • Goblin Lair (because the devs won’t release it soon enough)
  • Atlantean Arena
  • Undecided fifth dungeon (thinking about witches)

I’m working on several at once because I can’t seem to concentrate on a single dungeon. I’ll be working on each of them, rotating every once in a while. The release date for the Cryptic Rift (June-July) is simply impossible considering my mandatory summer preparations for the next school year. But summer has started for me, so I’ll most likely be getting some work done!

My new goal is to complete at least two of the dungeons on my list by this year, but don’t take my word for it!


Is the corrupted lodestone not a direct downgrade from the regular one?


You’d be better off using a regular lodestone, perhaps a hp buff alongside the regular lodestone buffs?


It’s supposed to be a worse version than the actual one. I’ll fix up the stats, though. Thanks for the input!

Edit: I raised the other stats, but I decided to keep the negative HP because it’s “cursed” and stuff, so it makes sense to drain the user’s life.


Hmm, so it will be a realm but with more difficulty and all in purple version or im wrong, also i think the points in lodestone should be in a dark purple idk


There’s definitely more to it, but yeah, that’s the main idea in a very summarized point.


My man has done more work in whatever amount of time it took him/her to do this than deca has in their entire time of owning realm. Can we get this man a dev pos at deca?


nah deca dont see those great ideas feelsbad


Flattering, but that simply wouldn’t be true. :smile:

Only thing that confuses me:


My fuckin’ G. I’ve seen you around on these forums for a while now, and day by day your ideas, concepts, whatever you wanna call them have been getting better and more complete. And this one really takes the cake. Honestly, this event could even be a more permanent addition than simply a “sidequest” of sorts. If expanded upon, there could be certain times of the week where this event opens, which would imply that this is a big thing a lot of guilds will be looking forward to. And maybe the realms will stay open for a long time (until of course you kill the MBCII and cleanse the Realm of evil or whatever) with the actual clearing of the realms being more indepth.

For example, instead of a straight shot to the middle to kill the boss, maybe there are some cursed Event Bosses you need to kill scattered around the map that will activate the MBCII. Or items within the actual clearing of the Realm that help out in your average gameplay, instead of just directly from the boss fight. Nonetheless, amazing work. I really hope some of the higher ups see this.


frick, u got me.



I really like that idea! I’ll add it ASAP!

Edit: Done.


im a bit confused what is it supposed to be?



Red = Eyes
Blue = Mouth
Green = Arm
Pink = Feet

It’s supposed to be a spirit with light purple as “veins” that pulse “dark energy” or something.


but what is it, a ring a consumable idk?


or maybe a pet


It’s summoned by the item




Oop, time’s nearly up. Let’s, uh…quietly bump this…

But seriously, I think this needs much more feedback. I’ve only gotten criticism on the Cursed Lodestone. Get those thinking caps on!


This is amazing, I can see how much work you’ve put into this, but I think everyone here knows that DECA simply won’t add this to the game, just because they probably don’t read more than 80% of these awesome ideas. I am totally for this “Corrupted Realm”, and I do believe you also have quite a bit of support from what others say, but this was destined to die, as DECA only wants things they can make mystery boxes out of.