Epic Dungeonz Discord!


Epic Dungeonz

The Epic Dungeonz Discord is an exciting new public dungeon discord created by MadPeach.
This discord will allow you to participate in organised Tombs, Nests, Parasite Chambers, LoDs and Ocean Trenches.

What do you need to get started?

  • To participate you must join the discord (https://discord.gg/GDtg48X) and get verified.
  • Requirements: Hidden Location & Minimum 30 Stars

Why This Discord?

There are very few discords which collectively runs dungeons in an efficient manner, and with our selected run organisers your risk to dying to the dangers withheld in these end-game dungeons will be lowered. This discord makes the process easier for obtaining white bags from the listed dungeons as well as a good resource of Life and Mana potions.

How to join

If you’re interested in this discord, ensure to join through this link : https://discord.gg/GDtg48X and if you have any further questions and concerns please let us know in the #help-and-support channel which can be located in the discord.

Make sure to join MadPeach’s other server’s for other dungeons such as Shatters and LH’s

Thanks everyone!


ppe btw lel xd


Just curious why do almost all of the realm event discords require min. 30 stars? Its not like stars are a maturity level indicator or something


Only 26…



All the major realm event discords that are created by me require 30 stars, not the rest.
I put this in place to prevent banned people from creating new accounts and re-joining the server quickly.


ez pz dongeons


I would imagine so that players have to get past the ez-pz 150 fame per class on some.


Yeah pretty much what madpeach mentioned, having a star requirement will prevent crashers / banned members from being able to intervene in dunegeons.


It takes few hours to get orange star tho :face_with_raised_eyebrow:





I have been using MadPeaches bot for a bit and can verify both his LHZ and Epic Dungeons servers are very efficient and easy to use. Everyone is nice and it is very calming to run dungeons in such well organized discords.


I was writing this at 2am, and ‘organisers’ is correct English, unless you’re from the states.


I am from the states. Sorry for my ignorance of British English or wherever.


It’s fine, I’m from Britain and American English contradicts it in many ways


Nice profile pic btw


Thanks, I love the ‘Dark Link’ Theme


Yeah. This was my halloween profile pic: HalloweenLink


We’re always looking to make improvements to the discord, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, either leave them here or join the discord and leave them in the #server-suggestions text channel!


They thought I was a crasher.
They banned me R.I.P.
Please no ban from the other discords. please. I’m not a crasher ;-;




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