Epic Snake Pit (some sprites so far)


For the orb I tried not to or make it look too much like @Striix ‘s orb of draconic presence, thanks to @Redox for all the help with the sprite.
Here’s is another color for variation

  • Blueish Eye
  • Green Eye

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New And Improved Snake Skin shield. Tried a unique shape tell me what you think about it.

Snake Armor, I like the I real of capes on armors :slight_smile:

This new Snake Pit will be more haunted ce,entry based and more ghost like, and naturally harder, a single room dungeon with lots of enemies and 2 boss fights.
Tell me what you think about the colors scheme as well!
You guys can help me come up with stats and stuff as well, but they must be speed and dexterity based.

If you guys want to make your own elder realms dungeon, or help us out smash this button for more info.


One enemy so far

Arrow is a place holder for another attack


Shading is too sharp imo


Yea, im working on it right now.


for the armor, the right side of the cape is too black, lighten the cape up more also

Also the sprites are hella sexy


I love it so far


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