Epic tutorial dungeon


This honestly sounds like a silly idea at first but when you think about it. It could actually be a unique dungeon unlike most other dungeons. This dungeon will be dropped by the rock constructs. I post it here since I don’t have any artwork or experience on how dungeon ideas are posted.

Basic description:

  • As all epic dungeons are like, they are difficult versions of the original.
  • Obstacles are very difficult to maneuver and can be lethal
  • Deadly traps can be found throughout the dungeon
  • Very little enemies are present inside the dungeon (your mainly just avoiding stuff and progressing)
  • To replace the ring of minor defense, a test chest will take its place
  • Breakable blocks will have massive health increase

Entering the dungeon:
You will appear in the same decent size room like in the tutorial, only difference is that quiet bombs will be sprayed on you to prevent abilities like trickster, rogue with planeswalker, and priest tanking all the hazards (This will last until you leave the dungeon). Looking ahead, you will notice that there is a movement obstacle course with flame traps that do a lot of armor piercing damage.

First section:
There are several movement obstacles like in the tutorial but now they have flame traps, its highly advised to not tank the flame traps as they deal a lot of armor piercing damage along with the fact that priests cannot heal in this dungeon. Move with caution and speed to finish this course.
The next obstacle is the bullet dodging course, unlike the normal dodging course, these bullets are faster, shoot more frequently, deal 100 armor piercing damage, and can cause darkness. If you don’t get hit by any of these, the course should be very easy.

Section section:
Briefly after finishing the bullet dodging course, you will be presented by a breakable wall that can heal itself (Basically another heroic observer). If your party DPS is high, it should be rather easy to complete.
Next part is the fighting; instead of harmless evil chickens, they are now devolved back into part t-rex. These part t-rexs are up close enemies dealing monstrous damage and chew health off with not much time, they also have a stomp that can shortly stun players. Their weakness is that they chase close players with slow speeds.
The evil Tyrannosaurus rex boss is rather tanky and acts much like his minions except a much more buffed up version. It’s best for range classed to attack the boss, he will have vulnerable phases to where melees can deal their soulbound damage.

Last section:
The last section is quite brief, instead of the minor defense ring. A test chest will take its place, players with soulbound damage will get the loot.

Any questions, tips and concerns will be helpful.


Why is it called the epic tutorial… If it’s not a tutorial. Also, what does the test chest drop. Like general range. Finally, it appears way to easy to be an epic version of a dungeon


Maybe it should be called something else.


It’s based off of the tutorial so I just thought why not put epic, you have a point on why it should be called something else. The test chest will drop items ranging from t8 gear/weapons to t11 weapons/gear, t5-t6 abilities, and t3-t5 rings. But it will usually drop a atk pot and its not very likely to drop these high value items.

I might have made it to easy because of the inability to use use your ability. I think if the boss is strong enough, it can balance the dungeon.


High Value??? Att is worth more than almost all of those items.


I love this idea.
It should be required to complete after you get to level 20 on your first try.

It could help players get to know the different status effects and what not.

The boss fight could be a mixture of some of the realm gods.

Only thing is, I don’t think it should be able to kill you, if you hit -1 hp maybe it could just say “tutorial failed!” And add a restart button.


It’s not actually supposed to be a tutorial. It’s just a dungeon that looks very similar to the tutorial but would be an actual dungeon


What about the dps wall? Once you reach level 20 you have to solo a dps wall? On a new account with probably t6 stuff? It should drop from _______ with a low chance.


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