Every Server is Full [Seems Fixed Now]


I cannot get into any Nexus, when I look at servers every single server is listed as full. How is this possible?!? Is it just me or is anyone else seeing this issue?

Who is Bert?
What is happening with the servers?
The Heroic Dungeons are cool, but
full servers bug
Solutions to Bots Flooding ROTMG (Not inappropriate version)
Why is this happening
Oh boy here we go again
Bert Strikes Again?

This is actually happening to everyone. I don’t know what to do


Just wait im sure they will fix it.


In Talwar’s “is rotmg dying?” Vid he said that the deca made the servers a lot better for motmg. Perhaps that is what they are doing now


Pretty sure it’s a guy using bots that’s intentionally doing it.
Think I heard it was bert from someone


What is he even trying to achieve? Does he think Deca will stop banning him if he is an even bigger ass?


Pretty sure he doesn’t care about bans at this point considering how many alts he has. I think it’s just an stunt for attention.


apparently Bert said that first week of motmg he would do this


Some servers are open now btw


To USMidWest2!


Aaaaaaaaaaand they’re back down



This isn’t something you see everyday…


Got into the USE3 nexus; I don’t see any bots except the obligatory one for rwt sites.


Apparently he got banned and is mad about it, don’t quote me on this, heard it from some other white star


RIP rotmg :frowning:


If Bert or someone else is intentionally botting the servers full, wouldn’t that constitute as a DDOS attack and depending on the country a criminal offense?

would be hilarious to see a salty player get arrested over this game.


bert finally attacks



Omg you are right!

Austrailia IS FULL :open_mouth:


imagine ruining the game for others just because ur salty