Every Server is Full [Seems Fixed Now]


Pfft ahahahahhaha

I just burst out laughing on the subway

This is the fame botter hacker dude who accused our ppe competition team of hacking lmao.

Edit: autocorrect y u do dis to me


Well it was obviously him who was hacking :stuck_out_tongue:



The jokes write themselves at this point.


it is yet again the problem




Welp, time to pin the thread again…


I’d like to know if when the servers clear up its because deca did something to help or if the hacker just gets bored


Probably deca only releasing temporary fixes. Occasionally Bert lets people on.


Seems to be working atm


laughs in PC-less existence

Dang, they sure loving being a Waste of Time, huh…


Since it hasn’t been brought up yet, Deca has been doing good on their word and releasing updates on what’s going on and what they’re doing to fix it on Reddit.

Here’s the most recent one, pinned on the subreddit.




im unable to connect but the servers still show they are not full
when connecting it says servers are full though


Can we just keep this pinned until the unity port?


SMH, Deca…
worst motmg ever…

First, the amount of time unity port is taking.

Then, bad motmg (less free pots; no free legendary pet skin; no mayhem; no stone or realm skins quest; no free LH Armor or Weapon… just WOW. Even weekly events are better than this… not even to mention the 0 loot on chests, because of the nerf).

Now, this server problem every week.

Great JOB, Deca!




i think the servers where not full 30 mins ago i think they were restarting for the lh event


Now it takes a lot of time to get to the Nexus



question, why are the servers unstable now?

As far as I can tell, this has never happened before, so why is it happening now, because it’s definitely not the amount of players currently on realm.