Every Server is Full [working atm]


So I was somehow cloned in the nexus…


LostArk on the RotMG Discord made a neat write-up of how he believes the servers are being filled up, it’s a pretty informative read:


he’s clearly trying to demonstrate population growth/ how migration will make rich countries flooded


Yes I just got destroyed omgomg


His intention is to show the rotmg community that we should all live life to the fullest and step away from the game for a bit. Such an honorable thing to do if you ask me.


nah i really don’t think that’s his intention
i think he’s just a salty duper-idler :thinking:


…how did you take that seriously lol


Either way, he wants attention.

That’s all it matters.


did i just get wooshed epic style?
I mean i’ve been seeing a lot of people in discord servers saying that they support him and deca bad


I think most people probably thought it was funny for an hour or so but then they wanted to play the game again lol


I don’t even know if he wants attention, he might just have an undying hate for decker. Who knows


Oh let me tell you how he hates decker
Bert has a video on his yt channel titled “are you serious that just happend” Where he gets dced at mbc, and the description is: “add ur own music if u need
this is why i hate deca
fuck you. srsly fuck you”
he hates deca for being dced at mbc
galaxy brain if i do say so myself


Noway 1000 iq

I’d ddos servers for that too, wow deca so mean


#PauseForTheCause23/06/2013 amirite


Just disavle /tutorial and /nexustutorial and his “exploit” is patched. No one needs the fuckin tutorial anyway unless you want a special ring…


reported for tracking


I was able to get on a server and then someone said that Deca fixed the Australia server and one of the European servers. Idk if that is true but those servers worked for me.


I went on Realm for the first time in almost a year and found every server was full, checking the forums revealed this was the work of “Bert”, who seems to be a salty player. What exactly is going on? Can someone tell me the full story?


I dont know for sure myself, but I can give you some thing’s I myself HAVE heard

Apparently, he’s salty because of a ban he received earlier, and while I’m not sure why, it’s apparent that hes not happy about it

Because of this ban and his apparent “innocence”, he’s going on a full rampage with this whole bot flooding thing, and is ruining motmg

He also claimed that he would do this for the first WEEK of motmg, with this being said to someone else on a discord

If his intentions are true, then we probably won’t be playing Rotmg for the next couple of days without DECA’s intervention


Some really pathetic guy who is salty after getting banned and is now ddosing the servers for revenge