Every Server is Full [working atm]


Imagine naming your kid “Bert”, if I had that name I’d be doing the same thing.


Finally. Realm is Popular. Everybody in the gaming community now plays the game to the point that the servers can’t handle more people anynore.
Tears of happiness.


I wish this was the case


This is the exact same thing that i have heard.
I think he got banned for idling? but he’s also a well known duper (140 duped char slots and 30+ omnis)
also i’ve heard that deca isn’t gonna be doing anything until monday, because it’s weekend.


alright bro.
edit: NVM what i just said earlier, this time the game seems to fixed for real!


The question is will it stay like this?


yes i think bert backed dont bc yesterday this was when i think bert was playing rotmg so i dont know


you should send this to deca!


Let’s hope we can count on our lucky stars and that this is a perma fix rather than just a short temporary one like a day or two ago.

…then again it wouldn’t matter to me cuz my ISP is offering a terrible customer service experience to help me fix my net so I can’t play RotMG anyway, AHHH


Deca just needs to make obligatory to create a mail and verify, before playing.


You already have to verify your email to play


Wheres my consolation package of shit I dont need?? Can’t be fixed until they give out one free rainbow of each type and a ninja old tops set


golden archer set
(Not the st set, kabams package)


How did a single person do that then :o?





If it lasted longer we might have gotten some free stuff from Deca :thinking:


So I think the fix Deca literally just made it impossible for more than 2 accounts to connect from the same IP. After seeing a thread on it in <Massive Peaches Grow Here> I tested with some friends and we could not play together from the same location without getting account in used. This also coincidentally kills off the remaining multibox programs for now. If someone else could confirm that would be great.


Temporary fix


its happening again