Every Server is Full [working atm]


this is not a joke this is very serious. we need to kill bert because he’s keeping me from sitting in USS and waiting for hudl pops!


a sociopath*


if this is not a joke then why have u not linked the mods yet?


Like I said, dirty people require dirty actions.


u realize if he is doing this he would have to be using a ip spoofer since deca would already have ip banned him


implying anyone who is doing this isn’t always on a vpn


You’re the only one saying it’s not Bert

How do we know it’s not you?


Anything to say…

That’s what I thought


how do we know it’s not you


lol exactly


Why would it be me?


why wouldn’t it


maybe bert is silleex or maybe valsined


your reasoning is flawed


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do u seriously think deca would do that they would rather sue you xD


easiest fix?

bert needs to stop being a butthurt child


are you calling me a butthurt child? :frowning:


Bert needs to stop ruining the game for other people




Just make red star+ servers ezclap