Every Server is Full [working atm]


also this


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bert is the man with the plan

I hope to be as good as bert :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: oh, now I see what you guys are talking about

I’m gone for almost a month and shit already has hit the fan.


they gonna fix this or what
havent got to play all weekend


They won’t they’re off they will probably fix on monday


Well, ROTMG is currently in a fix with all its servers getting flooded by bots. Well, the fact that this isn’t a DDOS attack or anything attacking the site itself, only attacking the game, DECA can fix this and prevent it from happening again. How?

  • Prevent anybody below a certain star rank from accessing the game

Since there are enough bots to fill so many servers, it is reasonable to expect that these are probably 0 star characters, throwaways, so even enforcing a star rank requirement of 2* is enough to block most of these bots out.

  • Enforce stricter email rules

Basically, prevent the creation of accounts with emails that have already been used, period. That means all that emai.l@email.com and accounts like this cannot be created. This will slow down the production of bots and make it easier to ban all of them.

The next one, related to the solution above:

  • Mass ban bots by email

Chances are, these bots are created with similar emails, like emai.l@email.com and emai..l@email.com, so some simple software that will take several minutes to write will be able to find all of these.

And as a final word to DECA, employees should work on weekends. The next Monday, release a hotfix that inputs a system that allows you to prevent certain star levels from accessing the game while you get this under control and restart the servers. This will prevent attacks of the same type from happening again. And do add back the days that were lost in this “server full” mayhem so that players get a few days to catch up on their campaign. Someone help ping the DECA admins


I also thought the star requirement servers too, someone suggested captcha but I think it’ll be easier for everyone if it was like dark blue or red star+ servers


So no new players?
or are you suggesting this as a temporary fix until deca fixes this?


So no new players…? And it’s only a little more work to create bots above level 0 anyway.

There are other ways to generate email accounts en masse, and many of those emails with “dots” are mules. You can’t just blanket ban all of them.

You mean they should always have someone on call?


Yes, temporary fix.


These people still have lives outside of the game so to expect them to work on weekends not a solution.


Its temporary until other things are implemented.

Not ban, persay, but prevent the creation of any new ones. Banning happens when one gets banned, the others get banned by dot emails.

By that, I mean employees should survey the realm, be making changes on the weekends so the can release on the weekdays, and monitor and regulate.

And, @Samcw, please read my posts more carefully before making such comments.


gud stoof

but everything else is decent, but you could also add a captcha to the login screen, which wouldn’t kill botting, but would hinder them for a bit atleast.


I apologize for failing to read your mind:

Where did your post say that it’s temporary?

My point still stands. It’s too easy to circumvent any such measures. To take it to the extreme, anyone can set up a new email server in minutes and create unlimited amount of emails.

So you want them to work every day…?


The second point, @Samcw, where I said

I never said banning accounts with dots by itself.


This relies entirely on the current situation being caused by someone using many accounts to do so. If the person holding the servers hostage is not actually creating accounts to do so (for example, if they are just spoofing many connections such that the servers are treating them as legitimate connections from an actual account, this would not require the attacker to actually create any accounts; some people have suspected this is the case), then nothing actually limiting account creation would prevent this.

Also, at least one Deca employee is working over the weekend to try and combat this… and I assume that’s not the norm for them.
It’s very normal for employees to work weekdays and have the weekends off and I have no clue why people are wanting Deca to work literally 7 days a week (there is a compromise by just having people take 2 weekdays off instead of the weekend, so that they can work over the weekend, and I think that would be a good solution if needed, but I’ve literally seen people asking why Deca doesn’t work the entire week…). If I graduated with my degree and my job made me work 7 days a week, that’s a resignation letter from me (plus, at least where I live, I don’t even think that’s legal without providing OT pay)


I wonder how many mules you’ll also end up stopping too?
Not hard to fame train a few extra stars either.

This is already a thing.

No, chances are is that the bots are using a randomly generated string of numbers and letters to make emails, so it’ll look more like 871jsvehyd81bsbs@gmail.com.


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