Every Server is Full [working atm]


RWTer on reddit claims they gave the guy 128 decas to lay off a while


He already is guilty of multiple instances of botting.

It’s like if someone was accused of serial robberies

We all know you’re just a troll though, idk why you haven’t been banned


whats that discord?


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Lol rwt website saves the day! By giving him 128 decas…


not to mention it’s a small team and I bet they know what is happening and is trying to figure out how to fix it.


He streamed nsfw pornography on his stream on accident browsing through discord, his twitch account was banned because people clipped it and reported him.


the second twitch account, I mean


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A simple “We are aware of the problem and are working on the solution, sorry for the inconvenience” instead of complete silence from Deca team would have at least shown that they care and respect their players, instead of leaving people guessing when will it be fixed, and if it will be fixed at all. Also given that it happened during the weekend, and most people assumed that the game will be most likely down till Monday.


“As long as you don’t officially acknowledge a problem, it doesn’t exist.” Todd Howard


Is there any kind of pornography that’s NOT nsfw? Seems redundant.


I am sorry that you feel that way, but I don’t need constant pandering too, to know that Deca cares and respects their players. I personally find their actions over the past few years more telling than a few empty words as an announcement. If their lack of actions over this, truly represent what you describe as apathy for the playerbase, what would they gain from not respecting their players?

As for assuming that the game will be down, so be it. Some people assume things. Others try to login or, check online forums. Deca is not responsible for the attack, they do not gain from it, nor do they wish to bring grievance to their playerbase. In my worldview, an announcement would bring more harm than good, and in your perspective, it’s the opposite.

It’s Monday now, and the issue is resolved. The average daily players are quite normal for a monday night, bert is taken care of, and behind the scenes, Deca is still busy programming and operating.

I understand that an update would have been nice to see, but it would serve no one, truly. I didn’t need an official post from Deca telling me that the servers were being attacked, I could deduce it, and faster, with the online forums made available to me. Eventually, I logged in, and it was fixed. This wasn’t a swatsec incident. The current game company didn’t need to make an official reply like years’ past.

Alas, this is an issue of opinion. Yours, more popular than mine. Perhaps by general opinion then I am in the wrong. But I’m going to hold onto my ideals.

EDIT: They made an official announcement on the matter, after the fact.


I liked this comment only due to the fact that this truly feels like a 10/10 essay.


Word of advice for the future to everybody who freaked out because of this: learn to assess the situation.

The two SwatSec incidents were a problem because there was actual hacking involved: he found a vulnerability and exploited it to get access and privileges.

For a number of reasons (namely that Deca don’t have their own forums and that Bert is a dumbass), what happened this weekend was some sort of DDoS attack, which is basically dumb bruteforcing.

SwatSec completely humiliated Kabam and made the game shut down for a while (can’t remember how long exactly, but I think we’re talking at least days, if not weeks). Bert can barely keep it down for a day and didn’t really gain anything from it.

In case of attacks such as this one, just keep calm and wait it out. That way, the attacker just keeps wasting time and money trying to keep the game down while you’re not losing anything.


I see your point, and it makes sense. However, the way they acted during the incident still seemed unprofessional to me, and the fact that they made an announcement afterwards doesn’t cover the lack of it during the incident. I will now repeat some of my points from one of the reddit comments, but we didn’t know if they were working on a fix or even aware of the problem at all, they have been literally silent the whole weekend! It’s not just the acknowledging the problem that I wanted to see the most, I wanted to know when servers will become accessible again, and not sitting near my pc unsuccessfully trying to log in to claim the daily rewards. No, they never told to the public that they are actually working on the solution. Instead we got a blatant statement from /r/RotMG mods “It’ll be fixed soon enough so stop posting about it.” and then even a better one from discord mods “The work day is over by now. Don’t expect server to be up till after the weekend, and if it does come up during the weekend then be happy.” Both these announcements were based on nothing, and led people into a lot of confusion, providing false expectations, rumors and speculations. It even got worse when people started spreading more rumors, like “Deca did nothing, the hacker was just taking a break” and “A duper paid hacker 128 deca rings so it would stop attacking the servers”.

All of that could have been easily eliminated with the proper communication, which Deca failed as usual. It takes 5 minutes to make an official statement, and every self-respecting company does that when their service becomes unavailable.


Would you rather have the temp team typing a reddit response or fixing the issue?

Is their PR guy even working on weekends?


Playing Devil’s advocate here:

-it would have been foolish of them to publicly declare when the servers would be back online before having assessed the problem and attempted to fix it. Making promises they didn’t know they would be able to keep would have made the situation even worse and made them look even less professional.

-I might be wrong on this, but I don’t think you need to collect the rewards immediately as long as you logged in to the game at least once per day. Simply getting to the main menu should count even if you never connected to a nexus, then you can collect them any time during the month.

With that being said, and understanding the reasons why they might want to communicate as little as possible until they have something to show for it, I still agree with you that they’d have gained from making an announcement sooner, if only to acknowledge the problem and tell everyone they’re already working on it.


There were two of them???
The oryx in nexus one and what else?


It doesn’t require a special person to write down and post one sentence on Reddit, it takes 5 minutes, if not less. Any available dev should have been able to do it, it’s not rocket science.

The issue started happening 5 PM CET Friday, still during their working hours. They still should have been at work.

I never claimed that I expected them to estimate the exact time till they fix it, they could just let everyone know that they are aware of the problem and are working on the solution. That would have been enough.

You are correct, this is true for most days of the month. Unless it’s the last day of rewards, and the only way to collect them is to load into nexus and visit tinkerer’s cave - which was the case this time. Some people can’t afford to spend the whole day around the PC trying to log in, and I’m sure that a lot of players missed some of the login rewards because they weren’t able to claim them - Deca never said any word about that/mentioned any compensation for these people. I personally still managed to get in, but I lost a lot of free time trying to do it - which could have been saved if I knew that Deca was actually trying to fix stuff and kept checking one official post and not a lot of misinformation posted in discord/Reddit/forums.