Every Server is Full [working atm]


Pretty sure that happened twice. First time was back when the WS forums were still up and used by Kabam as the official RotMG forums (which turned out to be a great idea since it’s thanks to a vulnerability in the forum software that SwatSec managed to get in), second time was when we were on the Kabam forums on the Kabam website proper.

As I said at the end of my previous post: on that we agree.

You know, if it’s too much of a bother you could have just not done it and then asked Deca to compensate you for those items.


Spoilt gamer gang rise up


The official RotMG Discord did announce that the servers were back up and that the exploit had been patched on Saturday (at least Saturday in my timezone). The exploit being patched implies that someone at Deca was actively working on deploying fixes… it’s really unfortunate that still so many people were claiming that Deca was doing absolutely nothing that day despite the announcement. It would have been a lot better if Deca did announce anything themselves, though, for sure.

Additionally, throughout the entire incident we were making announcements regarding the servers being back up and when they went back down, as long as it wasn’t some “guys EUWest is working right now!!” and 5 minutes later it doesn’t kind of thing that people would often be trying to get into the servers during. They just weren’t fully up for very long, for most of Friday and Saturday the servers were completely down/full.

And for what it’s worth, there was an apology for the lack of communication. I’m not one to just trust blindly and I believe actions always speak much louder than words, so I think the future will show if they are just saying it to save face or if they do realize the gravity of their decision and will make a change for the better.

(Disclaimer: I did know a bit more than the average player about what was going on behind the scenes and so I had confidence that the issue was being worked on and that it would be resolved. I think that without knowing what I did, and just going off of the Discord announcements at best, and massive confusion and misinformation and panic, I would have had a lot less hope.)


It certainly couldn’t have done much PR-harm to give out the 30th June reward freely to everyone, or to say they would look at claims via support ticket if you missed it but had enough days logged up til then, I mean it was only a 1000fp pet skin, so something of practically 0 cashvalue but would’ve got people in a happymood rather than Decabashmood.

If you’re doing the campaign, the compensation pack is good, but if you aren’t, and missed your claim because of the disruption, you can feel rightly aggrieved since Deca set up this login system which relies on players logging in every single day, so to not facilitate that via other means, is on them. (And again why it’d be better if the final days in a month were grace days/low rewards, with the peak rewards somewhere around 25th.)


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I had checked like ten minutes ago to see if it was happening again, since where I’m at I have bad internet so I wasn’t sure if it was just the internet or Bert. No one had posted back here at the time so I thought it was just my internet but no it’s Bert again.


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