Exalt Account Manager v2.0 - Open multiple clients at once! Git-Release


You don’t need this on Mac. You can open multiple accounts at once for e.g. trading with each other using just the MacOS. See this guide. That thread’s now closed so if you have any questions probably better to start a new thead (than hijack this one).


Hey there,

  1. The time for the rotmg-login means the local time a rotmg counts towards the next day.
    For example: If I login at 1:00 am here in germany, it still counts towards past day, at (2 or 3 am) it does count towards the next day.
    So my tool needs to know at wich time it can start the logins.

  2. As long as you are signed in (did not log off) if should auto-login you every day, at the local time you entered in the textbox mentioned above.

I hope that helped!




Is using this endangering my account in any way shape or form whether it be being hacked or being banned?


This is super clean and helps remove the super tedious process I used to go through previously just to trade between characters and makes it incredibly convenient and easy to do so now. Thanks so much!


Good question!

As this is a “third-party tool” and it could potentially against their will, I won’t be responsibile if you would get banned for it, that said - this toll got first released on April 2020 and had about 2k users (downloads) till then. I haven’t got any response stating they got banned or lost an account due to this.

And it does not increase you chance of getting hacked at all, while the encryption does have a security flaw in it (a reddit user told me so), it is still not just reading your data out of my savefiles.

BTW: the flaw is already fixed in the next version - that is in development as of now but will take at the veryy least a week more time.

Other than starting the game in the exact same way the deca launcher does it is not tempering with the game at all. That means the only way the detect that you are even using it is by checking for my application - wich I highly doubt.

I hope this information does answer your question, if you still don’t want to use this, it’s fine.
Oh, and another point is: it is open source - that means anyone can look into the code behind this tool and see what it does exactly.




The new version of my Exalt Account Manager just went live, check it out here