[Exalt] Default install location causes the game to freeze occasionaly


Is there a way to move Exalt build installs from default to new location? I’m asking because it’s installed on my HDD by default, which goes to sleep even when the game’s running, results in the game freezing until the HDD spins up again, whenever it needs to fetch data.
Which isn’t a big problem when you are in the pet yard or when you are at the mystery shop, but when running around in the realm it was quite a big scare.
Obviously this wouldn’t be an issue if:
1.) There was an option in the launcher where one could move the game from the HDD to SSD
2.) If the HDD didn’t go to sleep with the game running
3.) If the game didn’t need to fetch data after the client has been started up
This is a severe issue, so I hope it gets resolved quickly.


I had no idea this was possible! Is this what causes a lot of DCs? Is there a way to check if its on my HDD?


It installs builts into your Documents folder. I moved mine to the HDD (because stuff there get overriden a lot), but it might not be the case for everyone.


I don’t believe there is. The location might be hardcoded?


I would say your setup is a bit unusual. I mean it’s normal to have your documents folder on your main drive, which as it also contains the OS and everything needed to run it never goes to sleep unless the PC does. But it should not be defaulting to there. Apart from the issue you highlight performance will be better on the SSD.

The place it chooses to install the app is odd. I commented on this here for the Mac version, and it seems to be a similar problem. You could report your problem in a similar way, or even report it as a bug in the other thread. The more times its reported the more likely it is they rethink how they are doing this.


Well you shouldn’t say that, because it’s not. OS+programs with long loading times go on SSD, small programs and frequently overwritten files (like documents) go to HDD, it’s common practice.


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