Exalt Disconnecting


So as we all probably know, bard was released today on exalt exclusively. This means that in order to play bard you have to play on exalt and not flash, steam etc.

The issue i’m having with this is that I can’t play exalt for more than 10 minutes without getting an error code and disconnecting. This is frustrating since I was having 0 issues playing on flash before this update. So my question is, does anyone have a fix for the constant disconnects?

Deca said they patched disconnecting issues in this latest update but things have only gotten worse for me. I am beginning to get frustrated with this “forcing people to play on exalt bs”


Why do people not understand you can play exalt via steam?


I don’t play on steam so I just assumed you couldn’t, my bad


Commect to ethernet! Fixed DCs entirely for me


Now that I think about it, I only started having these issues when I moved my setup recently and had to go wireless… So i’ll give ethernet a try thanks for the info <3