Exalt Extreme Performance Issues

  • Computer Operating System: Windows 10
  • Where you play: Exalt

Hello! Just installed exalt been playing flash for a few years and im suffering from extreme frame drops in comparison to flash. Now normally the game is butter-smooth, but upon entering certain dungeons (not heavily populated either) my game literally becomes unplayable, fps drops below 10. The dungeons i have noticed it on so far is cemetery and shatters. I believe its because of the heavy amount of trees, anytime I move close to them i lag heavily, in comparison to just staying in the middle the game is pretty smooth. In comparison to show how laggy i was it was way worse then doing and ocean trench with 60+ people. Very confused as to why this happens as I never experienced this issue on flash. I dont exactly have the best computer but I wasnt expecting to get unplayable frames in comparison to flash? I have 12 gbs of ram, ryzen 3 3200u, (vega 3 graphics) laptop. Thanks for taking the time 2 help!


i know its redundant but did u set all visual effects to low? also exalt is poorly optimized tbh


Yep I set every single visual effect possible either off or to low even tried lowering resolution to no resolve


I play on the same platform (Windows 10 with Exalt) on a 6-7 year old computer. I keep everyone’s shots off, but that wasn’t causing lag to begin with… are you sure there isn’t some other factor that could trigger your lag? I only have trouble at Oryx start like everyone else. Even my dc’s have been lowered.


Yes positive! and as I stated its only in those specific dungeons btw everywhere else its fairly smooth/normal. Might add I just tried a mwoods and experience same issue but not quite as bad.


I just realized that I spoke too soon. You’re on a laptop! I’ve noticed that average laptops seem to have more issues with games than a stationary brick computer. We owned 2 “identical” laptops that were supposed to operate the same way, but one of them operated far inferior to each other, and that’s not been an uncommon theme for us, even with our older laptop dual ownership. Some of those computers are just quirky.

On a separate, hopefully more helpful note, a way to help alleviate general lag and processing issues on a laptop has been to keep it plugged in, at least for us. (Unfortunately, this can simultaneously encourage your laptop to become dependent on requiring a lifeline over time.)


I do understand how to increase laptop performance, my question is simply why am i lagging in exalt, but flash plays these dungeons fine if not considerably better?


I might need others to tackle this. Flash is completely unplayable for me (I can’t even properly move around a dead nexus area, it’s so bad), and I seem to have different problems (or the lack thereof on the flip side) than most on the forums and when mentioned in game. My apologies, monsieur… :sweat:


idk you have 2 cores right? maybe exalt has enabled multi core usage, and your laptop is lagging behind.
@xbookwyrmx i had the same thing on a loaned laptop, windows 10 too. consistent 10 fps in nexus, actually playing? nah.


Exalt/Unity was supposed to fix flash’s shitty optimization, but alas

Ryzens love their RAM. @Gensnakea make sure you have the fastest possible RAM as you can possibly get your hands on in dual-channel mode.

Additionally, make sure to enable “high performance mode” in the control panel, and make sure to plug in.

Reducing the resolution at which the game runs is now possible as well, you could try that as well.

Although, this behavior is really puzzling-the R3-3200U should be able to outperform my old i3-3217u or my current i5-4300u regardless of the RAM configuration, but I’ve never seen FPS drops to <10 before


Exactly thats why im confused I dont believe it really has anything to do with my computer I have the fastest ram possible for this laptop, (2700 mhz something) and high performance mode enabled. My theory is that it has to do with these specific maps being poorly optimized, im literally sure it has to do with the darn trees. Just my opinion. Hope they fix it in the future until then ig I just have to avoid the maps.


-release a poorly optimized game
-wait for people to complain
-fix the issues complained
-people will be happy and thankful for u fixing it when u could’ve fixed it before they complain