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Ok I will try to answer without going too much off topic.

I’m saying the most fun I had in the game recently was on the testing server when I could rush halls without any fear of dying.

It felt so great to not be afraid of the enemies.

I was super proud of this image.

It saddens me that this is something I’ll probably never attempt in the real game.

I know permadeath is a core feature of the game. But when I had some sense of safety, I felt like I could take a lot more risks and I felt the game was a lot more enjoyable.

Does putting more fear into players really help the game?

Let’s say that, because of the in combat system, rushing halls goes away. Is this a positive change?

Let’s say fullskip halls go away too. I hate fullskips, but it seems like people love them. Is this a positive change?

Does increasing the risk of death increase the enjoyment of the game?

If we look at an extreme example, if you removed pets basically all rushing of dungeons would cease. Would that be a positive change?


That’s like saying a priest shouldn’t have Healing because providing an instant sum of HP plus Healing status effect is too much. Bard didn’t even provide that much MP to begin with (60 over 3 seconds on T6)


At the point where IC/OoC is implemented, DECA should really be looking forward to balancing encounters to make them more manageable, cause even now, just clearing LH is such a massive chore that it’s not even worth going through. Being in the group doesn’t help much either cause of how enemies scale and how impatient people get.


I guess this is a lesson in sometimes asking for people’s opinions can backfire because now the people who didn’t like Inspire aren’t happy, the people who did like Energised aren’t happy, the people who wanted a complete rethink aren’t happy, the people who gave detailed feedback that was ignored aren’t happy, etc.

Energised did seem a bit powerful, and would (in isolation) increase group steamroll and by comparison fighting anything without a Bard would be more of a chore than now, so I am not too sad that it’s removed.

But shorn of that from the tiered Lutes, Bard doesn’t seem too thrilling a concept because it all revolves around Inspire which just isn’t a very good idea though I hope to be proved wrong. Also to continue the complain, I don’t like them putting a potentially very useful new thing onto a UT (weakens on demand, with the UT Pharoah’s Requiem) since a class that does weak on its tiered ability should be a thing of its own.

After the complains about Samurai being lacklustre, it’s extra frustrating because, as someone who wants more classes, the more backlash that adding them generates risks lessening the appetite for Deca to get into this again for the 17th class, and I don’t want to wait another 2 years.


I will go into thorough and extreme depth as to why in combat is not healthy for the game at a later point, but before that happens I will be making a post about the bard. I also think @megayeah you need to consider that
A) Bard could have gone in totally different directions, energized or not (picking a buff was not the only option), in fact it would have been great if they took longer to release the bard because so many players suffer from extreme performance issues at the moment that playing the class will be more like playing as if you’re in a server with 500 players for a lot of the population, which will already associate a negative experience with the class (more than the backlash that is being received now)
B) Inspired is a far less balanced mechanic than Energized in every imaginable way
C) Energized could have been modified as a buff, it only exists in a very fringe set at the moment (literally one item, two technically if you count isolated ornaments) so nothing would have actually been disrupted by changing it, energized could have been nerfed and mp bursts or max mana increase could have been factored in, things like that or etc.
More points that aren’t really necessary to get into because this is all that needs to be said / most of my other comments have already been made on this thread.

I’m going to go make a thread now because apparently making direct feedback isn’t enough, but knowing them it will probably just go ignored like everything else I’ve made, dating back to the event culture video in 2018.


I wish that was the case.

However past history has shown that Deca looks at a single issue, drops a massive nuke, and moves onto a different issue.

Kiddforce was pretty clear that they will not be revisiting Halls anytime soon.

It’s not that Deca never makes modifications (because they do). It’s that they don’t commit to long term monitoring (maybe this is because they are short staffed).

They dropped the massive nuke that was Halls 2.0 and I am confident that they have no plans to adjust it any more.

To get back onto topic, they’re going to drop the bard nuke and walk away. There’s almost no chance they’ll look at the feedback regarding bard after this.

Which is a shame.

I will also continue to caution players about the combat system. I honestly hope they don’t put it into game. If they do, you best believe that they are not walking back on any changes. No buyer’s remorse allowed.

That’s one of the biggest problems with Deca. They seem to only care about implementing things in testing. Once it’s live they’re stiff and unwavering.

I expect them to focus on O3 for the future and that’s pretty much it.

If you’re looking for balance in other areas you’ll be disappointed.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-4jihHjU_E @Backpedal


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