Exalt Lag ONLY when screen Rotating


Usually when I plug my computer into Ethernet and outlet (yes it helps), I don’t dc or lag on unity. However, sometimes when I load the game it makes the FPS drop horribly when I screen rotate, and it stays that way for a few days before fixing itself. When I stop rotating my screen, whether it is angled or at its default angle, there is no fps drop whatsoever. I know theres a lot of general lag but are there any ideas why it might happen only in this one specific situation?


iirc it was mentioned way way way way back in the day around the time of the first unity test video long before the unity client was called “exalt” (I think this was over 2 years ago) it was mentioned that figuring out how to do the screen rotation was actually pretty hard for some reason. it’s possible that deca’s solution to figuring it out ended up being far more computationally expensive than necessary, which would result in the game slowing down while rotating and then going back to normal afterwards (since it’s not trying to figure out how to rotate anymore).

if that’s the case though, that would mean there’s no solution. you’ll have to hope deca fixes on their own at some point or you’re stuck.


Welp if I know Deca that means I’m gonna have to get used to having my character in the middle of the screen and shooting backwards
Thank you so much, I usually just play on flashplayer til it goes back to normal but I guess I will have to get used to it


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