Exalt Lag


OK, so I kind of want to play on Exalt, but it lags so much to the point where I can’t even walk around Nexus or change my options. Flash works fine for me. What should I do? My computer runs Windows 7


exalt (and most things I played) was pretty laggy

I factory reset my computer and haven’t had problems since, not the most ideal solution but if you have no other options it could help.


Is it fps lag or rubberbanding? My rubberbanding was completely fixed when I connected to ethernet


Odd. For me it takes a long time to load the exalt client, but once loaded it runs so much smoother than the flash client. I’m playing on a 10 year old laptop, so I was a bit worried.


FPS lag


It may be because your computer doesn’t have the best specs, or maybe it is old. Idk exactly what you need but I know Unity is much more demanding than flash