Exalt, Oryx 3, and Feed Power [Update preview]


new leak for one of four Oryx 3 allies, and notes for the next update (coming on the 29th)

New feed powers
Shatters/Void/Cultist Events [Apr 22 to Apr 30] & FP Changes

[Quivers excitedly in anticipation of the time when that gemstone that’s been taking up space in my vault will finally be useful for something]

Also, yeah, being able to see UDL traps will be cool.


Oh yes, I’ve been thinking about feeding my forgotten crown for a while.

I still love most of the changes. Especially the nerfs on the more useless uts to make them more useless.


Crystal staff should stay at 300 it’s a great item :c


just don’t delete my hard drive this time, please.


Okay so more feedpower was added overall but the items worth feeding to a legendary pet are mostly nerfed, kinda cringe tbh 1200-750 for cbow, big cringe moment.


the only thing about it that was useful is being removed lmfao


That’s right, nerf the new players! Death to all who wish to play without paying! ROTMG doesn’t have anywhere near enough of a barrier to entry as it is


I think these changes are all pretty good, honestly! I am glad the items that deserve to have high feed power are finally getting it. Too bad that some of the great feed sources like Manor and OT got nerfed, but I think it makes sense based on the power level of those weapons.

For years it has been just strange to have some event whites with hundreds less feed power than a garbage and fairly common ring. Now at least it will make sense, even if no one is going to be stuffing their pet full of those hyper-rare items.


Forgotten Crown hits the stonk market LOL.


It’s certainly overdue to rationalise the comparative values, things like CoralRing at 650 with Crown at 500 reflects Kabam’s un-joined-up handling of the game.

Most of the new values make “sense” definitely more than the current.

Edit: and to some of the “it nerfs new players” arguments, don’t forget that there are the tradeable tiered items, incs, old STs, that have more FP than things like Snake Pit UTs and such, so really it won’t make much difference (plus the calendar free FP). I’ve made a few NPEs with pets, and really the FP appropriate for pet levels 0-50 is so easy to get ahold of, that this will make little overall difference IMO to newbies.

Although this is a very meaningless boast since it doesn’t factor in how rare the individual items are that have been changed.

And many of the changes do seem irrelevant tinkerings, eg. Puri 900 to 950 but Ass 900 to 800.

Potentially a smarter idea might have been to use this as an opportunity to simplify the FP values into tiers (with an eye on the future for the NPC UT trade whatever they are thinking about); such as having all the “junk UTs” set at 150FP, instead we have things like Snakeskin Shield 150, Crystal Skull 300, PFangDagger 130. Then if/when this UT NPC comes in, things with the same FP could be exchangable 3:1 or something.

Or for a sweeping simplification, set the FP to reflect the drop % so 1/1000 items have 1000FP, 1/500 = 500FP, 1/25 = 25FP.

So yeah these changes, probably good, but could’ve been better. 6/10


but that would involve them actually letting us know how rare items are and they absolutely totally cannot do that /s


well I would agree with you but since you have a furry as your profile picture I will not only disagree because I hate furries (grrrr), but I will also flame you because I hate furries grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

being serious now, everything should’ve gotten an increase in feed power. and a rather large increase at that. instead, we got rather luke warm increases to feed power (a 500 feedpower increase is pretty decent, but laughable when you’re having to level up a legendary or even divine pet), and then decreases to items people were fine with. even with the increases, there is no logical reason to feed a forgotten crown, one of the rarest UTs in the game, for 1400 feed power, even less so for items like Oreo, Ogmur, and the orb of conflict which got a pathetic increase of 100 fp, lmao).

But whatever, they wouldn’t want to have most UTs with 1500+ feed power anyway, that’d make buying pet food less desirable.


ok furry


nvm, your message is bugged for me.

…before we start going off topic, what’s the point of decreasing feed power for STs when their droprates are as low (if not lower) as normal UTs? I really don’t understand the point of lowering over 6 dozen UTs/STs feedpower, especially if those UTs/STs are pretty rare.


so people pay more money to buy feed power items, rather than using items that they’re able to obtain in-game for free


Yeah but nobody except ppl who quit feed crowns. Gem fp buff is kinda stonks tho

They aren’t specifically targeting ST’s. There are a ton of STs that are being buffed in fp. (toga picta, Tricorne, amulet of drakefyre and others). In fact, through a cursory skim, I think that they are buffing ST fp.


Some dudes don’t like Crown though.

Did expect CBow nerf to range of 600 to 900 FP though.


UT exchange…


god I can’t fucking wait to dump my entire 2 vault chests of dbows into UT exchange