Experienced player looking for solid guild


A month or so ago, I resumed playing after about a year or so away from the game. I gave myself some time to reaccustom myself and max a few characters, but now I’m looking for a good guild to further the experience.

Attributes (at the time of writing):

  • 1 8/8, 2 7/8s, 1 6/8
  • 2866 total base fame
  • English-speaking
  • Can run clean tombs and shatters, have a good amount of experience with both
  • Not a lot of LH experience due to missing the release and having trouble finding a good group, but I’d like to do some more and get better
  • Can play any server, but prefer US
  • I run on EST but am flexible
  • Play just about every day
  • Have some keys but would be happy to get more for the right group
  • Have discord
    Feel free to check my RealmEye for more information, I’ve made all the information visible.

How to contact:

Reply to this thread, message me in-game, or message me through RealmEye.


You can join my guild, the PRAETORIAN GUARD. I’m not in it, I’m just recruiting for them. We started 4 days ago and already reached 4th placed in Useast2! Just use common sense, be active, and play 95% or more on useast2. We have a active discord and pop keys a lot at random times. https://www.realmeye.com/guild/PRAETORIAN%20GUARD


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