Expo or Para Hp?


Expo Or Para Hp On A Knight? :stuck_out_tongue:


Para Hp




Expo for squishies and unmaxed characters. Para HP for Melees.


Expo is actually pretty good on Knight, I personally think. The additional mana compliments Knight.
However, if possible, using a Nile also compliments Knight well.
Considering the options you gave, however, I’d say Expo ranks superior.


Unmaxed? Expo probably better. Otherwise parahp- you already have enough def.


EXA Hp/ Ubhp/Deca.
Para HP bad, you a yellow star fam


not every yellow stars are rich like u


you dont need a ring, just get a pixie


I only like Expo if it gives me an extra stun, e.g. when I have maxed mana. Otherwise, Para HP




Well, he didn’t give Nile as an option so I’m assuming he doesn’t have one.


if one has enough mana or mp heal to easily benefit from the mana bonus in an expo then i would say expo. but honestly it depends on what dungeons you plan doing, if you plan on doing tombs/lh/nests para hp is the best choice. however, for any dungeon that armor break/pierce isn’t a primary feature, extra def given by expo would never hurt


x bo


An expo is better if you haven’t maxed your knight’s vitality, def, and mana.




Ok so would you suggest that ThatOrNot use an expo or para hp on knight

  • expo
  • para hp

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