Exposed question


Wiki states that “Exposed does affect Armor Piercing attacks”. Can someone confirm? If i use Reikoku with my samu, will the exposed affect its dps?

If the armor piercing weapons ignore defense why does it matter when defence is lowered by 20?

Armor Piercing Projectiles: A weapon with this attribute will fire projectiles that do the same amount of damage regardless of enemy defense. Any weapon or ability capable of armor piercing will have “Ignores defense of target” in their tooltip. Oryx’s Greatsword is an example of an armor-piercing weapon.

Exposed: Reduces affected entity’s DEF by 20 during damage calculations. Affected targets can have their Defense reduced below 0, resulting in them taking more damage per shot. Exposed does affect Armor Piercing attacks and attacks on an Armor Broken target, making them deal 20 more damage per hit. As it affects defense calculations, Exposed is calculated before Cursed.


Possibly stupid question that I should probably already know by now

That’s…a pretty interesting question!
I’ll try and test it out, I’ll report back in a hot minute.

Edit: Alright, checked it out, and I can conclusively say that yes, armor-piercing weapons are affected by Exposed!
I shot at a target dummy using Reikoku on a Samurai with exactly 75 attack, making my damage double. Reikoku’s spread is 65-79 (highest damage is never rolled), meaning that per shot, it deals between 130 and 158 damage. I very carefully ensured that only one shot hit the dummy, and while Exposed, I was able to deal 166 and 172 damage - slightly more than the actual range!


If so then whoever banned all the armor piercing weapons in woland (before it died) was a clown.


I had the same idea with you, logically def does not matter for a weapon that ignores it. But in practice Seelpit gave a very believable proof of the opossite

Edit: maybe the game checks if exposed is applied and then subtracts -20 in the algorithm that calculates the damage, if thats the case the variable that holds the defence value is altered even for the armor piercing weapons (although that variable would normally be 0)


It does


It does. Armor Piercing weapons basically set the defense to 0 at the start of the calculation, then exposed if factored in afterwards making the defense -20.


Additional question:

How much impact does Exposed have on multi-shot and fast-fire weapons that deal low damage per shot… on a high-def enemy? Like, say someone exposes the Avatar of the Forgotten King, and I hit it with a T12 bow. Would I deal 20+ damage on each bow, or is the Exposed effect completely negligible because Avatar has so much def?

Also, is Armored calculated before or after Exposed? (ex. [100 def * 1.5]-20, or… [100-20]*1.5)


From haizor’s dps calculator, an archer while shooting with a t12 bow (assuming all 3 shots are hitting) will deal the same amount of damage (325.5 dps) in an entity with 128 def or more regardless if that entity has exposed. Avatar has 90 def and while armored has 180, so it will be the same dps only when the avatar has armored.

I need to do more testing but if i remember correctly, i did try to use ray katana in an armored Killer Pillar (the 4 towers near avatar that are always armored). It only did 20 more damage per shot, so it seems the game calculated first the armored and then the exposed (btw you got a typo there :stuck_out_tongue:, armored gives double the defence, not x1.5)

Edit: I just tested it, my ray-katana-samu does 55 damage on an armored avatar but 75 when the avatar is exposed


So basically, you don’t even benefit from Exposed if your damage-per-bullet is too low/enemy def is too high. Huh, thanks for the info!


Well, only if even after getting +20 damage per shot, the enemy’s defense would still push it down to the defense cap!
Two short examples:

  • A 0/8 level 20 ninja with 40 attack shoots a Ray Katana at an armored Avatar (90 * 2 = 180 DEF). The damage the shot deals is 111 * 1.3 = 144.3; rounds to 144(citation needed). With DEF taken into account, this gets reduced to 144 - 180 = -36, rounded by the defense cap to become 21.6 or about 22 damage.
    Subsequently, the Avatar gets exposed by an ally Samurai. The ninja’s next shot will thus deal 20 more damage, adding up to 164. Calculate it into defense, and you get 164 - 180 = -16, meaning it still rounds to 22 damage!

  • Now, a 0/8 level 20 ninja with 65 attack (they drank some pots) shows up. Their shot will deal 111 * 1.8 = 199.8 damage, rounded to 200. Against the Avatar, it would deal 200 - 180 = 20 damage, which is rounded up to 30 thanks to the defense cap.
    Again, the ally Samurai exposes the Avatar, and this time, the 65-att Ninja will deal 220 damage, which is reduced to 40 - not being rounded by the defense cap this time!

Similarly, this can also happen with your arrows.
tl;dr;(ag,)cm (too lazy; didn’t read; (am gay,*) can’t math: as long as the difference between the “potential damage” and the “capped damage” is less than 20, you’ll benefit from Exposed!
*Only applies if you’re on that end of the gay/math compatability spectrum


Well, yeah. Just pointing out that there’s an area where Exposed has completely no effect (or reduced effect) unlike Curse, Berserk, and Damaging that always have an effect (unless you’re Weakened in which case Damaging is useless, or Dazed, in which case Berserk is useless, the point still stands with Curse)


They made exposed effect armor broken enemies so that the samurai isn’t useless when an ogmur is in play (almost all the time).


yes it does.
at least in fungals, the 80 damage armor piercing shots from crabs deal 100 damage while exposed

trust me im a fungal rl i have experience


Actually in a few weeks armored will be 1.5 to players, but I don’t know about enemies, I would assume it is the same


I suppose so! However, the defense cap being raised to 90% also means things like the Tormented Golem and Parasite Chambers’ Colonies will take even less damage while they’re not armor broken.
It’ll be interesting to see how this’ll affect the viability of stuff like Crystal Wand!


Oh I didn’t even think about that affecting enemies as well, that’s really going to hurt multishot weapons which were already more affected by defense


Not for tiered bows if we give their triple shot niche to Void Bow and make it pierce armor come on Kidd do it already


T12 becomes better Vbow? xD


Bergenia Bow: Am I a joke to you?


Bergenia Bow would still have the insanely long range and absurd single target dps niche