F2P Bard ST Bonus Program, Free Pack and more!


Realm : ~20 tokens in 30 minutes.

Cult : 50 tokens in 30 minutes.


These events always make me think it’s a pity the Court is a dead-end route compared to going for Oryx. Even in normal times, we are forced to miss out on O1/O2 if going to the Court, but especially so when there are tokens of higher worth placed on the Oryx route.

Random thought about solving this:
What if after we defeat Xolotl/Cnidarian/PupMasterII/Shaitan, Oryx1 spawned in to that location! The same enemy as normal O1, except we have the fight constrained by the environment of the particular Court dungeon (O1 in Shaitan room, ouch!). Then after he’s dead, as usual the WC portal (normal WC).

A completion portal could appear as well, when Xolotl/Cnidarian/PMii/Shaitan are dead, if the player doesn’t want to fight Oryx, so they can simply exit as now.

So our options would become:
vanilla Oryx route: Castle -> (Janus) -> Oryx Chamber -> WC
new Court route: Castle -> Janus -> Court -> Court Dungeon followed by Oryx fight -> WC

(you wouldn’t end up in the same WC as those who don’t go Court, it’s a separate instance of WC)
(and ofc this would not apply to key-opened Court dungeons!)

Well anyway that’s a bluesky idea for today. What am I doing typing this when there’s Shards going unfarmed.


Don’t worry, you’ll end up with the star like me…


The free pack was released yesterday into the shop; the deadline to claim it is July 2, 2020 12:00 PM (UTC), July 2, 2020 2:00 PM (Europe: Brussels), July 2, 2020 8:00 AM (America: New York), July 2, 2020 5:00 AM (America: Los Angeles), July 2, 2020 10:00 PM (Australia: Canberra):

image image


…what? I only got 2 token stacks.


The other 3 were/are in the neighbouring gift vault because there are more than 8 free items. I thought the same thing when I first went to get them.


Thanks :sweat_smile:


Copy of a Deca post on Reddit ~36hrs ago by u/Deca_Dytto with an update to the event:


Hi guys I’m making this post to just vent I guess. For the past 2 days it’s been unplayable to farm this campaign because of disconnection issues. I’ve been sitting around 11k points and it saddens me that I can’t progress any further because I disconnect from every dungeon and realm I attempt to farm. I understand that Exalt is still in it’s beta form but its ridiculous that I’m unable to play the campaign that features the bard which can only be played on exalt. I’ve been tempted to spend some sort of money just to not be so behind on points. Well that’s it for me, I know only a small part of the player base has issues like me or hardly any problems. Hope you guys have a good day and good luck grinding!


I wouldn’t recommend spending any money just to boost the campaign, the ST set is simply not worth it. As for your disconnections, I would recommend to switch back to Flash, good luck!


Yes, I’d only recommend spending to boost to the char slot if you are out of time to get it and it’s less than the normal cost.


FYI the campaign screen in the shop is now showing the correct time amount remaining, incorporating the +2.5 day extension:



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