Fake White Bag Semi-Contest


Dunno if this should be in Player Events, per se, but I thought this would be fun.

With the Fame Mystery Box giving players some nice FAKE WHITE BAGS, people are getting fooled left and right.

Post a screenshot or video of you tricking people with fake white bags, and count the number of people who say that they were fooled. Person who fools most number of players who shout “WHITE” or “dang that bag got me” or something like that might get a prize, I dunno because I’m not that rich right now.


I’ll support this :smiley: , I’ll add to his prize


Not only but also WC Event Chest was able to drop that.

Very funny one. Works pretty well when used at the exact correct time where Hermit died :P


IMO best place is Hermit since otherwise your timing/placement has to be perfect, and no other bag drops can occur to tip off players.

Edit: @Slavsy yeah, penta’s another great place but since the white bag only lasts 2 seconds or something it’s best to do it in the smallest space so more people can see it before it disappears. Plus jugg is generally perceived to be the superior UT.


penta is also good



Probably, or maybe paralyzed nature sprites at Ent Ancient

And what’s the highest amount of players fooled in any of your instances in your video?


Not my video, it’s a friend’s and I wanted to put it here because the contest reminded me of it. Just for a good laugh ;3


Watching this made me laugh, thanks for posting


not really a good reaction, but hilarious dc.

I don’t want to participate in the contest btw.
Don’t play realm enough to care.


honestly people get so used to it though

Ive seen people say

What? No even a fake white bag?

I’ve seen some really good trolls. But most are pretty trash since people are on top so i cant even see the bag.


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