Fame Bonus Rework Info


Whens vault rework gonna be tho?


Problems I see:

  • Ability Stat Bonus - use autohotkey to spam ability whilst AFK for free fame
  • Potion Stat Bonus - chug hp/mp pots in guild hall

Other than that, the bonuses are varied and extensive, it would be interesting to see how newer players take advantage of farming easier dungeons and enemies for fame



When the fame bonus rework goes through, will existing characters get credit for the new fame bonuses they’ve already completed, such as stat maxing and oryx kills, or will the characters all start at zero fame bonuses and not be able to obtain some (such as stat maxing)?
I’m assuming the existing characters will get credit towards the new fame bonuses, but I just want to double check on this. Does anyone know?

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If they let dungeon completes through, then that’d be much too exploitable for those couple cheaters who somehow found a way to get, idk, a billion void completes or so.
I reckon those’ll get wiped, dunno about the rest - I don’t think they’d go through the trouble of having legacy stats for everything.


Some things have been tracked for a long time, such as stats, Oryx kills, and god kills. I expect those will be applied to characters. However, I think the minion tags (humanoid, beast, etc) are newly added with the update so will not be able to be retroactively given to current characters.


‘‘Snakepit master [X]: complete 100 snake pits. repeatable: true’’
me: I wonder how many snake pit master I’ll be able to get on a single character

No worries. A trickster won’t have a hard time getting the repeatable teleport bonus.


This will definitely make the game more fun for me. Playing in such a repetitive way to farm fame for pet feeding is very boring. I really appreciate how the new system will reward diverse playstyles.


I hope they will balance out with pet fame well. they say theyre going to balance it but i hope they dont make it unreasonable, where the price is now in relevance to the rate of fame received is fine, if that makes any sence.


Restrictive bonuses
I talked about this a few months ago in the part 2 producer’s letter thread, but I think it’s a shame that restrictive bonuses were removed entirely. While they aren’t great for coop play they can provide a way to spice up a player’s gameplay, making things harder for them and offering a reward in exchange.

Ideally to me, we would have restrictive bonuses on top of other better bonuses that oppose them (ie. thirsty = +25%; Drink x potions = +30%) so that players would have an incentive to challenge themselves in different ways while letting the most efficient playstyle benefit other players.

424 Bonuses! …in an incomplete list, so maybe more?!?
In that thread I mentioned that having so many different bonuses would make them lose their individuality, charm, and memorability, but I think the different categories might make this less of an issue that I first imagined (at least, I hope so)

Well Equipped Rework
I like this one a lot, it never really made sense to me that people could suicide their characters with equipment that was never used, and get rewarded for it.

It will totally ruin the appeal of some high fame% vanities like the golden archer set, but I always figured the high bonus was meant to be part of the joke rather than a legitimate use of the items anyways.

XP Gain Changes
Maybe now we’ll be able to get rid of all of the exploiters on the leaderboard. Probably not though, somebody is bound to find some weird way to exploit the new fame bonuses (Craig hp/mp potions + multiple characters collecting them + repeatable potion bonus anyone?)

I know fame is one of the big incentives people have to run ice caves, so I hope this doesn’t cause them (or any other dungeons) to be largely abandoned

Looks like an uh… action packed fight (huge contrast compared to the Dr. Terrible/Horrific Creation fights). I’m not a big fan of heavy bullet hell fights, but I guess I’ll have to figure this one out since I like labs so much.

Whenever I see an acronym I have a habit of making up an alternate meaning on the spot. This boss is clearly a Formidable Extraterrestrial Robot Animal Leek


More like, buffing the restrictive bonuses from 25% to something like a massive 50%.


It’s 500 pots and 25000 ability uses respectively so I think honestly it would be a lot faster to just go out and play, which can get you all 6 of the fame bonuses for stats, then there’s 13 killing bonuses you can get just passively, and every single dungeon has it’s own bonus so I think it’ll be oppressively slow to farm pots/ability uses.


But don’t you agree that keeping it that way wouldn’t change the restrictive fame bonus meta?

I assume almost everyone would want to do the most efficient method possible if they are farming fame. And in this case, 25% and 30% are great bonuses.


The numbers there are only examples to clarify that I would want restrictive bonuses to give less than others, and the 25% bonus is just thirsty’s actual bonus.

There are also multiple tiers of a lot of the new positive bonuses, so I think the meta would head in that direction anyways, with players keeping their fame characters alive for a while to pick up easy fame bonuses that complement each other, rather than creating quick ~220 fame throwaways and having to pick and choose restrictive bonuses.


This assumes that you are actively playing. Players can abuse the bonuses similarly to maximising the output of an idle game; leaving it open when you’re AFK with autohotkey automating the process for both bonuses, especially overnight, results in free fame with 0 effort.


so will old characters have bonus like kill (god) kill (mob) or something based on their kill count before or will it reset to 0 after the fame rework?


Think they will still have it


I haven’t checked the shops in a while, is any thing purchasable for fame?



I think it would still be negligible though. If you used an ability every second and left the game running for 12 hours, you would only have 43,000 ability uses, or 1 total iteration of “Ability Fanatic.” And if you somehow did manage to get a software or whatever going for the potions Guill gives, you would manage to get maybe 8 iterations of “Potion Fanatic” (~4320 over 12 hours if maximized.


only non tops lol, and 500 fame on a t10 sword is bad.