Fame Farming: CM Noob Question 3


join a lost hall discord and farm, just be sure to help them, and dont risk going to boss or void if you just solely want fame.


but… boss + void boss =80 fame alone… the whole reason people do halls for fame are those 2 bosses.


Thank you, I’ll try to understand discord asap then. Do you have the links to halls?



This is the Public Lost Halls discord. They do runs with really big groups (usually), so it may be hard to get in, but you’ll live for sure! …Unless you’re not dodging or get instapopped, you know.

Aside from that, I found Ninjas to be good for some fairly quick fame. Mundane, Accurate+Sharpshooter, Enemy of the Gods, Thirsty, all pretty easy bonuses to obtain/keep. Additionally, you don’t miss out on equip bonuses, and you can still deal relatively decent damage even with lower-tier katanas! And since you pierce, accuracy is very easy to get by!


Wow! 80!!

Well, I’m sold…



Thank you very much for the link, I’ll certainly give it a try!



You may find this useful.

Niegil has a discord version which is likely more updated.


Everything you have shared is useful. I will also share this with my friend who returned to ROTMG with me. So far I am loving DECA as well as Realmeye, now hopefully Discord is cool too. :slight_smile:






Cult runs require less setup by leaders (dont have to make sure theres enough classes and vials) and are a lot less dangerous. Runs are also a bit shorter. This involves clearing out the entire dungeon, giving a lot more fame than the single route to mbc (assuming you have a rusher to guide you) Not to mention the cult gives a lot of fame through clearing the hideout and (i believe) 6 fame between each phase


? I’m so confused by this ?



Awesome. Imma join the discords rn! :slight_smile:



if you have 2k base on every character you would already be a white star


bro what lost halls do you do in which cults give more fame???


He’s TRYING to get 2k.


wait frick i thought he was listing what he had


I know that much lmfao!




  • I have 71 stars now instead of 69. Just need to 2k base a Sami for White.
  • Discord is amazing! I have found the LH and Fame Farming links thanks to y’all.
  • I now have 3.7k base. :slight_smile:

Mods please close this thread, I think my prayers have been answered.

Thanks again,