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Hey. My first topic on forum. If it’s not supposed to be here, on “Questions & Answers” then please mods, move it to the place it belongs. Thank you.

Back when flash client was a thing farming fame was quite easy. (It took longer time but in my opinion it worked much easier and crystal clear than it does now). So here I am with few questions to you all. And before that I would also like to apologize for my terrible english.

1. How is the fame calculated? It might sound like a very simple question, but hear me out.
Maxing bonus as well as dungeon collection are both giving both constant value of fame and fame in form of % bonus. So for example tunnel rat is giving +7.5% fame and 3000 fame.
So the main question here is which bonus do I get “first”, the 7.5% or 3000 fame?
Let’s assume that in the moment of achieving tunnel rat I will be having 10000 fame.
There are two possible results as far as I know.
(10000+3000)1.075=13975 and 10000*1.075+3000=13750. It’s a small difference and most of you probably will say “You should not care about it”, but well…I still do.

1.1 Does bonuses affect each other?
To make it very simple let’s focus on the maxing bonus alone. Each of the basic 6 stats when maxed gives 2.5% and 100 fame. Then what will be the bonus after I max all of them?
At one hand everything could sum and I would get 15% and 600 fame, at the other hand I might just get 2.5% of the previous value. Meaning 2.5^6=244%. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get 244% for the stats alone, but I still wanted to ask about it.

2. Combat Proficiency bonus - Hit an enemy X amount of times.
Any tips on how to farm it? Maxing this bonus requires 2,000,000 hits. I was thinking about the construct trio that appears in godland or shield orcs that appear in highlands. I’m unsure tho if it’s a efficient way of getting this bonus. Maybe any of you discovered something worth trying?

3. Fame farming in general
In general, any tips on how to farm the fame on the new fame system?


You’re good; this is the place it’s supposed to be in

I think the 3000 fame is added first, and the 7.5% is constant. What I mean is if you have 10000 fame when you get this, your fame on death would be 13975 assuming you have no bonuses. However, if you get another 2000 fame before dying, that 2000 fame will be impacted by the 7.5%. In that situation, you would get 16125 fame when you die.

The bonuses are additive. If you had a 10% bonus and a 20% bonus at 10000 fame, your fame on death would be 10000+10000(0.1)+10000(0.2).

I’m not sure what the best way to farm enemy hits is. Spider dens are most likely a pretty good way, because all of the eggs spawn spiders when killed. Undead lairs have a pretty high enemy density too, but I’m not exactly sure which dungeons are best. The problem with constructs and shield orcs is that they are in a dangerous place to afk. The only way to really be safe there is to stay by your computer so you can leave if necessary, but I would get bored sitting there pretty quickly. In guild hall there are those respawning targets, so if you’re planning to afk that’s probably your best bet.

There used to be a cube “exploit” where you could get mass amounts of fame relatively quickly, but that was changed so my only advice is to do as many different dungeons as possible as you work on your Combat Proficiency


Okay, I am not completely sure how quoting on the forum does work. First of all absolutely, massive thank you. I am so glad that you took my question seriously and gave me such a great answer. You are my hero Dbiz.

I would like to leave this thread open for a while tho, maybe other people will reveal some fame farming secrets.


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Question 1: Percentage-based fame bonuses give % of base fame and then another flat bonus. For those numbers, see this google sheet that was released at the time of the fame rework: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rmj_mYcjyGlAjujusZoaKXAgrKWjkOtiQVajTU--_xM/edit#gid=0 Bear in mind that some numbers have changed since this sheet was released.

See this screenshot for an example. Life and Mana give 5% of base fame and then 200 fame after that. All other maxed stats give 2.5% of base fame and then 100 fame after that.

Question 1.1: No, the bonuses do not affect each other.


Question 2: Most bonuses are repeatable including the Combat Proficiency bonus, and cannot really be “maxed”. However, since you do not get the smaller bonuses when you repeat the large bonus, fame gain from bonuses does slow down after this point.

Question 3: I seem to get the most base fame on characters when I complete dungeons. If I am seeking account fame, it might be faster to make multiple characters and complete certain quick bonuses, but I have not verified this.


Doing oryx is a very good source of fame


Amazing, thank you very much! Now I kind of understand how this system does work.

Thank you as well. I will keep that in mind!


In response to #3, get every fame bonus that you possibly can on the list.

  • Abuse every event via discord to quickly rack up a ton of completes
  • Always shoot any enemies that are within your sight on the screen. Every enemy is categorised and thus contributes to fame, all under the enemy bonuses section.
  • Endgame dungeons. every enemy provides a lot of EXP and the completion of these dungeons gives a much greater additive fame bonus.

More annoying yet still valid ones:

  • Spam ability at all times
  • Always teleport whenever you can
  • Drink every consumable within your immediate sight

Good info here


I personally try to ensure I’ve done every godlands dungeon on my characters. They’re relatively easy to come by, give a bonus on your first run, and give another excellent bonus when you’ve done them all.

Aside from that, doing dungeons / encounters with high enemy density can help you rack up kills quickly; things like the Nest and Sprite World are quite good for this (don’t forget, even the trees (probably) count towards Structure kills!)


Thank you very much guys!


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