Farewell giveaway (closed)


Let me preface this with no, I will probably not leave Realmeye forums. But I am most likely quitting, or at least taking a break, from Realm.

I’ve enjoyed my time here quite a bit. While some parts of it suck, I find that overall, Realm’s community is not as toxic as it’s made out to be. The people I’ve met here are some of the sweetest, kindest people you could hope for on the internets, and I’m thankful I had a chance to meet and talk to everyone!

That said… the longer I play Realm, the more I realize I’m wasting my life away in front of a screen, fighting virtual monsters to get virtual loot so I can get better at fighting in a virtual game.

I want to fight the real monsters.

So getting to the point of this post - it’s a giveaway, obviously - here’s how it’s gonna work. I have 5 chests full of stuff. Out of all the entries I will choose 5 people, then randomly select a chest for each of them. I’ve tried to make the chests as fair as possible, but some might be better than others, leaving your loot a bit up to RNG.

Chest #1

Chest #2

Chest #3

Chest #4

Chest #5

(Yes, I used the glitch to make all the items appear usable for my current class. It looks more pleasing to the eye, don’t you think?)

To enter, I want you guys to write about something that made you feel. Yes, I know that’s vague. It could be anything - getting your first job, accomplishing something big, losing someone important to you. Just something that happened in your lifetime, something that made you really feel depressed, or furious, or empty, or ridiculously happy, etc. It doesn’t have to be an essay, just put thought into it. Keep in mind that I am not randomizing the 5 winners, only the chest they get - so make sure your entry is good!

If your entry doesn’t follow the rules, I won’t include it when I consider winners. I will be choosing winners on February 9th (Saturday)

Thank you for your time, I love you all <3


My grandma passing away made me super sad. I really liked my grandma and she thought me some amazing things. My grandma had to do many surgeries and many treatments, but none would help her live longer than 3 months. My dad tried to act strongly in the hospital, but he left and I went to check on him and saw him crying. Then this made me sad and I started to cry. She waited for us to look away for a second in which she decided to go. We went back to her house and read her story of how she got into America and how she had it tough at first. It took her a while to get where she was. Her story inspired my family to do better. My dad felt depressed for about a month and wasn’t himself for awhile. He kept listening to the same sad song each day and always had a sad look. I tried to figure out what I could do, but nothing was enough. The last thing my dad remembers of his mom was that she thought we were the FBI mostly because she was delirious and was very sick.

S/N: I noticed the giveaway is 2 days before my bday!


Something that made me very happy was a few weeks ago when I became an eagle scout. I first started scouting in first grade, because my older brother had said he loved it. I loved it as well. This is also the same reason why I decided to cross over into a troop. He did it before me, and said the troop was even better than the pack. I gave it a try, and I also loved it. I loved learning all the scouting skills and developing leadership. A couple years ago, he became an eagle scout. Not only did it mean a lot to him and our parents, it also meant a lot to me. I still look up to him as a role model. I personally set my own sights on becoming an eagle scout myself, and I was ecstatic when I finally did it. It felt great to accomplish one of my goals, especially because I am only 16, and most kids who become eagle scouts are almost 18. As I should, I still feel extremely accomplished and proud of myself.


Just before I was gonna start college, my friend announced that he and his family were going to move back to France (damn you, Brexit…) and he was going in a few days. Our little squad was fairly unhappy and we didn’t really know if we would see him again, so we organised a group meet up a couple of days before he was going to leave. We went and played bowling, did a bunch of random stuff and went around town pretty late in the night. We talked a lot and had a few laughs, and just had a good time.
Eventually he had to go home and get packed, so we went to the bus station with him. The bus arrives, and he gets on (with one other friend who was taking the same bus), the rest of us standing outside. When it starts moving, we waved him goodbye for the last time.

It was sad, but we had a great night together and it left us with good memories of him.
We still talk over social media sometimes.


What does this mean?

Edit @Ziqpyk the red background returns when you let go of the item, no?
Edit2 @Ziqpyk maybe it doesn’t work on projector or some other graphics settings, whenever I move items the red background always returns. Well w/ev I can live without it.


just drag the item out of ur inventory to take out the red background

if the class cant use it ofc

no, when it’s used when standing on top of a vault chest, the item teleports inside the chest and the red background is gone. @Nevov


I discovered my love for singing at the age of 19, I freestyled at a concert, composed some of my own songs and had an absolute blast (even though I didn’t make any money). I was all fun until I was diagnosed with laryngitis. Laryngitis is a voice disorder that makes your voice really hoarse to a degree you can’t understand what i’m saying anymore. I got rid of all my records, not wanting anything to do with them anymore. As time passed the disease got worse, and I could not speak for a full 3 weeks, and would cough up blood from time to time. My laryngitis was chronic, meaning it would be harder to find a cure for it. My disorder eventually got better and I found a love for cooking. I opened my restaurant to bring joy to people far and wide, and eventually my laryngitis got better, but to this fday my voice is still really hoarse.


So pretty much, I was set to go to University (yes, I live in Canada) and my life long dream was to become a pilot. I was accepted into my dream university and was on the perfect road to fullfilling my dream. However, to be a pilot you would need good vision or correctable vision with glasses, but I was then diagnosed with a cateract in my left eye. I would have then needed surgery the summer before I would head off to university, but having this disease would make me inelligible. This really torn me apart as I could never make the dream I love, but fast forward 2 years I am playing division 1 volleyball(Which is my dream spart) and now majoring in chemical engineering. So I guess you can say some good comes out in everything.


“These are times that try men’s souls”-Thomas Paine, The American Crisis (1776)

A few years ago, I felt like I was on top of the world; I had everything a young man finishing high school could dream of: great grades, recognition for talent, specifically in the area of film-making, and most of all a girlfriend. We had been together for the last 4 years, I had been smitten with her ever since the moment we were paired together in our foreign language class. While this may sound cliched, it had been the beautiful smile she gave me when I suggested my idea for the project that had made 14 year old me’s heart flutter. This is where the story begins. The day our fate was set in motion.

Shortly after the project, we became good friends, and I would spend the next two years conceiving ways to win her over. Now, I had taken a film production course in Freshman year, and I decided to put those skills to the test by creating my own project. Alas, a love-struck teenager doesn’t think through things as if I recall correctly, I decided to single handedly do a project more ambitious and time consuming than I ever realized at the time. Nevertheless, I worked my ass off on my goal, conceiving a script, recruiting my friends as voice actors, and requesting my school’s film studio to be set aside for my group after hours, a few weeks in advance. With all my preparations in order, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, as Murphy’s Law dictates “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” On the day of the shoot, my entire cast called in unavailable. Naturally, I was livid, as I had given them a week’s notice in advance, even reminding them the day before that we have a shoot that day, and none of them thought to tell me in advance they wouldn’t be able to make it on time! Despite all hope seeming to be lost, one cast member remained: that girl. Out of all my friends, she had been the only one who cared enough to stand by my side and help me to create my work. I was overjoyed by this turn of events, and not long after I revealed my feelings to her and we began dating.

Three wondrous and joy filled years have come and gone, with our tenure as high school students coming to an end. In the time that had passed, we discovered we had shared similar interests: Star Wars, snarky jokes, LEGO, etc. The future was looking bright and well, all until he came and ruined it all. Unfortunately, humans are inherently flawed creatures, with myself being no exception. In the span of three years, I had become arrogant, acting like a ‘big man’ or a stereotypical ‘jock’ archetype towards my fellow peers, often belittling them or hurting their feelings without a care in the world, for I had someone who loved me. Well, all the crap I had done came back to bite me, with some kid I had considered a friend discovering my relationship with that girl, and he told her the truth of what monster I was behind the veil she saw. It was promptly over; the dream had ended and I was now once again facing reality.

Fear. Anger. Sorrow. Pain. Darkness. All of these emotions came flooding into me at once when she told me our relationship was over. Left alone to wallow in my pain and misery, I sought ways to find and to lash out at those I felt were responsible for my fall. My friends didn’t notice much of a change, other than the fact I seemed more neutral rather than outgoing, as I had concealed the broken shards of my soul behind a mask of snark and sarcasm. But, with some prodding from my semi-estranged younger sister, who was concerned with my increasingly uneasy behavior, I underwent a journey of self discovery, realizing for the first time how much of a colossal jackass I had been to everyone else. With anger, self pity, and bitterness subsiding into immense regret and shame, I was no longer blind, seeing for the first time the monster in the mirror.

There is grace in one’s failings however; It is never too late to repent and make up for your past misdoings. Not long after, I made an effort to change my ways, patched up my relationship with my friends and my sister who I had, regrettably, been a terrible person to for the longest time, not giving a damn about her feelings or talking to her when she needed help. By the end of senior year, the jackass kid who had been blinded by his lust and pride, was dead. I was now a new man, so to speak, and that man lives on today.

Looking back, I realize how much of a jackass I had been, putting others down just because I could. While I am still tinged with a bit of sadness as I remember her, I push that aside as I recall the brighter moments we had shared together; I must honestly thank that kid who had told her the truth. As if it weren’t for him, I would’ve still been an unrepentant asshole. The past does not control us or define who we are; it shapes our future and paves the way for us to choose the path ahead.


Life makes me incredibly happy and extremely depressed at times.
I accomplish much, yet fail a lot simultaneously.
I gain a lot when I try and lose so much when I least expect it.

For me there are no single events that I can talk about here because there are so many, so I guess I just gave a lazy summary.


I used to believe life was magical.
When I was a kid the outside world was wondrous for me. The simple things were amazing; golden sunlight streaming through the windows, wet leaves rustling with the cool breeze, cold water sparkling at the beach. People seemed so great, mysterious.
All the wonder has been drained away. Life is only pretty when you think it’s pretty. People do what they want anyway. Love and care are words with multiple meanings.

I’m still alive, I’m thankful for it. But I’m still searching for that wonder and awe I used to have. I hope you do too.



well since this thread is really a pour out of emotion, im just going to to leave this here. i dont really need the items, i just want to join in the heart to heart <3

i dont know what i want to do with my life. im in high school, fairly smart for my age, fit, but i dont really have a fucking clue what my future is. maybe ill be a doctor. maybe a medical researcher. who tf knows, certainly not me. and that fucking terrifies me. old people, do you have any advice?


One thing I have learned in the past few years, is to always. have. a. backup. plan. You never know what could happen, @Wilhuff states very clearly that anything can go. Just like that. Most of us here are young people, under the age of 25. Find your passion, find your talent, find your dream and make a plan. But always have a back up.


I’m not old, but if you have a passion for something (you seem to like medicine? Maybe?) then stick to it and try your best to ensure you can do it as a job in the future. Take courses that will help you get your dream job :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit #off-topic though


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I do not need the items, but I enjoy seeing the meaningful posts. (don’t count this as an entry)

I love RotMG and don’t think I can ever quit. When I first started playing it was an escape from reality, it was my coping mechanism. The history and community of the game are something I could never leave behind. Being able to quit is a powerful thing and I hope you enjoy your time off. I also hope, if you don’t mind, that one day you return because every member of this community is valuable. GL+HF in life!


I used to have a fish when I was young. His name was Poulpi :tropical_fish:. In french “Poulpe” means “Octopus” just for info.

He was a really cute blue fish, not “fat”, or even “big”, just a small fish. I loved him when he looked at my face.

Then, one day, from his aquarium, he saw a mosquito. Being a betta splenden (some tiny fishes that eats each others) he jumped, and landed in the sink. When my brother saw this, it was already too late…

I remember that day like i remember my first day in middle school. I cried for at least 30 mins. When i wrote this reply i noticed some little tears in my eye.


I had a colleague/ friend move back to France over Brexit too! I’m thinking of moving back as well, if I can find a job somewhere in EU - sadly i only speak 2 languages, and one is English :frowning:


I am “ancient” but I don’t feel qualified to give advice :sweat:

What has helped me, especially lately, is to know that my professional and personal success are two different things. A job needs to be what pays the bills, not what defines who you are as a person.


Nearing 40, I have struggled with this issue repeatedly in my life. Something I’ve learned is that, strange as it may sound at first, you need to get in touch with your body. As in, bodily awareness. You probably spend a lot of time in your mind because you are smart, and you easily ignore or suppress a lot of feelings, impulses, and desires. For example, how often do you put off going to bathroom while playing Realm? Seriously. Figuring out what you want has a lot to do with “listening” to your own embodied feedback systems.

You have to listen, and then you must have the courage to make choices and take action. You can practice becoming more self-aware and decisive with smaller things like daily routines, social, and recreation activities. Take time to think about the kind of person you want to be and the things you find interesting or valuable. Make a list of your gifts, passions, and values, and see if they triangulate in a direction. Read books like this.

Finally, don’t put too much stock in being smart. Middle class parents and teachers like to think that being smart and getting into a good college will set you up in life, but they won’t. Hard work, courage, vision, and social skills/connections are far more important.