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That friend and I are both EU citizens, but my parents, siblings and I got ourselves citizenships and decided to stay. Hopefully we won’t have to move :sweat_smile:

getting a bit #off-topic here though - we can continue talking about politics in the general chat thread if you want though


I know this isn’t really about something that made me feel, but it’s more about a feeling I sometimes have. Sometimes, when I wake up in the afternoon (after a nap), I wake up and feel more tired than when I first went to sleep. Generally, this happens with some music (radio or instrumental from my siblings) playing and I just sit there and think about my life and its purpose. It’s strange. I would say that it’s almost nostalgic but I don’t know what for.


When my first baby was born. My heart got big.


there are many things that make me happy, but my best is from soccer.
my best accomplishment would be getting hat tricks in game. my first season i got my one and only 4 goal game. that was 3 years ago(about 6 seasons). since then, i’ve gotten at least one hat trick every season(except for one), and it makes me very happy every time.
for the record, my team is moving to a Gold 1 league, so i would consider my team very good.


Man, the time my friend moved to Chicago was DEVASTATING. He’s been with me since I was in preschool, and when he said he was moving, I frickin’ cried. That night, I bawled my eyes out. So one day, me and the boys all agree to meet up one last time, just talking and annoying passerby, just shitposting in public. Man, that day I was extra stupid and did a backflip and almost snapped my neck. In the end, we were all laughing and saying our goodbyes. Sometimes we play RotMG and absolutely eat up hours playing a…japanese high school sim (but as a joke). He also tells me that whenever he listens to Last Train Home sometimes, he remembers all of the good times we had, man. because that’s what the song represents. Good memories and moving on.


Oh yeah, it’s Last Train Home by the Pat Metheny Group


I used to wheel/date this girl, she lived around 20 or 30 km away from me, but i would go every day to see her and spend time with her. She was suicidal and she did the stuff you would expect a suicidal person to do, like cut and take pills. I would try to make her stop cutting and taking pills by doing the same thing that she would do. I would cut and pop pills for her. She got sent to the hospital and I waited for her, patiently for her to come back. She finally came back, and I was so happy. We spent time with eachother again. Then we got into an arguement and she cut me off on october 24th 2017. I was so sad, I regret it everyday. I cut over and over and over again with the hopes that we would get back to what we had. She found a new boyfriend and I’m still here depressed and alone. I wish I could be with her. It’s been almost 2 years and I still get sad over it.


Despite my native language, English, is one of my weaker subjects, but I’ll try…

Throughout my childhood with my father, I have a hatred towards his incompetence, perhaps over his past failures or his authoritative asian parenting. Nevertheless, I felt vindictive to the point I once foolhardy physically attacked my former friend in 6th grade to the point to losing his tooth, yet felt a short-lived smugness and vigor.

3 years later, my parents bought a nail salon for my dad to invest on. Then I was transferred into a different school district, which I had the most happiness and frustration in my 2 years of high school. I met a few friends, two whom I still have contact with and developed an interest to tabletop.

However, filled with carelessness and resentment, my grades plummet down to less than a 2.0 and my dad doesn’t know how to run a business, even considered marrying an employee, who only sweet talked her way to get the business and half of my parent’s money, most of it was earned by my mom. Once my mom and I found out via a series of text messages, arguments and complaints ensued throughout family for several months, ending up with the nail salon being sold with several losses and my mom ending up retired after having a series of strokes from all the stress between me almost failing, her stressful job as a financial adviser, and sorting taxes out from my dad’s nail salon. Admittedly, I felt indifferent during my mom’s surgery.

Turns out, my dad only care about having entitlement of being owner and remembering his disciplinary action towards me. Feeling vindictive and sadistic, I stopped helping my parents to ensure his suffering and as an angsty teenager, a poor act of rebellion for freedom.

Despite my bias towards my dad, he’s nice, yet gullible, and caring for me as a stay at home dad. Although he drop out of college and hang out with smokers and party animals, he wasn’t abusive and neglecting, Yet he still understands me but I still have (though softened) grudge against him coursing through my veins. He also a good former chef and a good handyman, which my mom and I have little experience at.

Here I am, a slightly sickly (literally), ungrateful, self-pitying, child who lives comfortably in a small house, knowing that there’s other people who been in worse condition than I am, rambling away my biased thoughts and feeling on a laptop. Despite being on track with above average grades and becoming more responsible with myself, not to mention college years is near the corner…

I am still a terrible child, incapable of realizing…


On the topic of books, @ArexRew consider reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. It made me think a lot about the world in a new day. Another fun little book to learn from is Problem Solving 101 by Ken Watanabi.


When I read this forum. I’m realizing what a waste of space I am, and how much of my life i am wasting oof. I should quit. Also realizing I can get sum free lewt.


Reminder that winners will be picked tomorrow. Also a note that when I choose winners I will re-read all the entries, so you have today to edit anything.


Alright, I’ve chosen winners.

All of you had good stories and memories and it was really tough trying to choose between them. I’m not entirely happy because I wish everyone could have gotten something, but, oh well.

@Triforcej Your entry was simple but heartwarming. You’ve won chest #5.
@Orsome Your entry was sincere. I’ve experienced a friend moving before, too. You’ve won chest #1.
@Galabranth I’m not sure why, but your entry struck a chord with me. You’ve won chest #4.
@Wilhuff Your entry was straight from the heart and I almost felt like I was there with you, watching you grow. You’ve won chest #2.
And last but certainly not least, @Pyrphoenix, your entry was honest and humble. I hope you and your dad can have a better relationship in the future. You’ve won chest #3.

I will be on at 5 PM - 6 PM EST tonight. Tomorrow, I will be on at the same time. Just PM me at those times to claim your chest. If you need a different time, I can schedule something for you.

Once again, thank you to everyone for participating! I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day <3


Thank you~~~

If possible are you able to come online an hour or two earlier? It’ll be a bit late where I live at 5pm EST


Sure, no problem. I’ll get on now

Edit: I’m off now, but will still be getting on at the times I originally set


I thought i should’ve left a more thorough explanation on the glithch @Nevov

so i just recorded it


Hey @Galabranth I’m on now. If you want a different time just say so, but if you don’t show for a few days I’ll just give the chest to someone else on this thread

Edit: actually life kind of got in the way. Can’t get on for the rest of today.


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