FatherOzai's Charity bank


So uh my vault is a filled with one particular item I need none of… image

So for those of you who aren’t so fortunate and tend to die alot and have trouble remaxing, I’m here to relieve the pain a lil bit. Only utilize this service if you need it please. I reserve the right to deny charity to anyone that I believe dosen’t need it. This is once again directed towards people who die and have trouble remaxing, this should be enough for a max 40 def knight and a few tops.

Charity donations will come on a first come first serve basis in top to bottom order whenever I choose to get back to the comments on this thread.

Every person is limited to one chest of life or 8 life, so if you’re finding yourself in a rough situation and want to get back on the realm grind and just need a lil boost just comment down below. I’ll try to stay on top of the comments but I’ll prolly be offline at times. I will eventually run out of life so dont be upset if you dont get any.

Comment a time frame that you’re available to meet up and or when you’re ready to meet up, if and when I see the comment I’ll meet at the server you’ve given at keys at or in that time frame and I will reply to your comment on this realmeye thread. Let’s see how many cuties I can help out, look forward to seein yall in the realm! : ) <3


Heading out for 4 am cardio should be back in 30mins -1 hr

Edit: nvm back for like 10 mins then heading out, my airpods were dead. Also mods sorry if this is the wrong place I wanted this to get some attention so I could help out as many people as possible other wise I didn’t know where this belonged lmao.


Don’t worry this is the right place for it I think.

oh and by the way if you could hmu with some life to max my huntress’ def that would be splendid, I’m afraid of losing my ninja and would enjoy a backup character


This is such a nice service! :slight_smile:


Sure, available rn by chance? can hop on and hook you up : )




You could also buy decas off them. I know it’s a quite long process, but it’ll pay.

For me i don’t need lifes, doing enough halls rn.


too lazy and I have a little over 100 decas sitting in my vault :stuck_out_tongue:


alrighty bois, been awake for like 2 or so days now, I’m grab a little bit of sleep. Hopefully by time I wake up I’ll have some charity order to fill


Could I have some to max my wiz? My pot farmer (using whites) knight died so… I’ve got a fresh warrior with an acrop waiting to be maxed I can meet around UTC 8:00 am - UTC 12:00 pm




Sure, also I uh have a psychological issue that sadly makes life miserable for me and deters me from getting much sleep : ( It’s called “exploding head syndrome” I have a soft diagnosis for it. It’s like waking up from a nightmare but usually for me it’s like 10x scarier.

You available to meet rn by chance? I just so happen to still be on : P just got done soloing a marble colossus


tysm and wtf that’s crazy af tho hp scaling probrably makes it way easier than a massive pubhalls run
Massive oof bou the psychological issue


@Twitchystr lol yea that’s all the stuff, couldn’t tell if you were pranking me or actually not getting my messages but I hope all that helps out have a great day and happy realmin <3


oh ok ty


think i might have accidentally blocked you


wow after I gave you all that?!? sheesh man brutal… :disappointed_relieved:


Isn’t exploding head syndrome like sleep paralysis? Anyway I’ll get to the point, recently I lost all of my maxed characters and all i have rn is my 2/8 rouge ppe. So it’d be nice if you could give me some life :smiley: I can meet up at like rn or after school like 2:40 P.M EST


Sure come ussw keys <3


Enjoy, I wanna see all those chars maxed in a few days ; )

Exploding head syndrome is almost the same caliber and or worse than sleep paralysis imo… Its when you’re asleep nice and sound and you start visualizing a scene like you standing in a street with a car coming at you, engine roaring and horn blaring but as it comes closer to you in that dream or hallucination it gets so loud that you feel as if its real life and you panic and wake up. I usually wake up with a heart rate of close to 200 bpm because of it. Your brain just turns real life into a dream while you’re asleep essentially. Makes imagining gunshots extremely and painfully loud. You wake up with nothing but pure fear and adrenaline.

This video best replicates the horrific sounds I experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpoDnWAUZZw

This video’s comment section gives many good descriptions of how it feels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJlMaRfLdbo

This guy also describes it well https://youtu.be/jralHXEl-vE?t=74 much worse for insomniacs like me. I go days without sleep and I tend to get a lil out of it at night or early morning hours. Makes me feel like I’m going crazy.