FatherOzai's Charity bank


I can’t go onto rotmg in college tho


I am fine good sir, see you around trains / LHs x)


will u be on any time in the next hour (8:35-9:35 EST)


i appreciate any help if you still have any




Joined : 8 oct





You around?


Thats what I said


Doombagelz isn’t a alt


Sry, 4:30 EST. Thursday works too


EST pm


Post on your mains and let OP deem if you’re in need of the donation instead of being decieving @Leoimhere @Ammunition


Stop checking people’s IP :wink: Jk you did that with me once
what happened to your ogumr


I am new lol but I don’t care that much about it anyways


you share the same IP with 4 accounts.


yike shatter the haxor


dang shator expose people


Good lord, I’m not a realmeye freak so I don’t login here everyday, it’s kinda hard to remember to. Please let me know again if you need life I have about 120 life left for those in need. Not you ammunition you’re sus shatter said so.

Also, Idk if this is legal or not or if it falls under account sharing… But I don’t have any bad intentions, just trying to give back to the community. If you have a empty mule/alt or if you wanna make a empty brand new one you can send me the details (through realmeye pms) and I’ll just stick you the life on there. Once again Idk if that’s allowed but I have no bad intentions. It’s hard to catch all of you online when I’m online.


I just died on my best of da best sorcerer (wink wink death thread) and i’m running out of lifes to max my new wizzy. I’m just asking about a few lifes, 8 would be perfect. I’m not really good about doing halls on a melee, so it’s a bit hard for me to get sb.

Ty ! c: