Favorite In-Universe RotMG Character?


What characters in RotMG do you like the most? I’m asking in terms of design, theming, dialogue, and lore, although other stuff like fights and music help. To be clear, I mean characters in the game’s universe, NOT player characters.


King Azamoth imo. The Hardmode Shatters lore goes crazy


I’ve always love Dammah design, he just looks really cool, everything about this guy just scream cool to me, he’s a skeleton in a big fancy robe (probaby my favourite character design type) using portals as weapon that summon ancient weapon and poison or fire or elements. His dialogue and attitude is like cruel yet smug. Everytime i fight this guy i fear for my character’s death but as the same time really love his character, hoppefully he get his own theme one day but for now the oryx theme kinda fits him, it sounds desperate and aggressive which fits.


i like Vagrant Sellsword Ond’ande his fight isn’t that good but his theming / art and lore are my favorite despite all the old lore getting nostalgia points from me. i even used him to inspire a dnd npc and my players loved him so ya hes my fav in game character.


Bookwyrm :slight_smile:


Skuld. The bit of lore you get from Craig when you find him in a sprite world where he explains to you that enemies who die by the players have to visit Skuld to get revived, is such a nice little detail to justify how this game can mechanically function in-universe. I also just like the overall personality Skuld has throughout her dungeon and fight. For a random godlands dungeon, it definitely shines out more than a lot of other things in the game, and I appreciate that.


Molek. idk why


Also, what is OPs opinion?


Long reply, but I just had to geek out over this.

Probably the most lukewarm opinion, but Oryx the Mad God. He’s always had some amount of depth which made his character stand out more. He’s not just some angry guy, but he’s an arrogant alcoholic who insists on inserting himself into everything, including the name of the game and events. Even in Oryxmania II, DECA actually boosted his character by explaining his reskinned boss fight as him being angry that he wasn’t present for the last event. Instead of a typical evil king ruling the Realm, he’s an evil knight, and his added backstory in the reworked Shatters updated added even more depth to his arrogance. Oryx also has a decent amount of goofiness that humanizes him, from his alektorophobia that stems from an un-disclosed traumatic event to his occasional seasonal attire. In contrast to this goofiness, Oryx is still able to be threatening, from his serious dialogue in his sanctuary, and one of my favorite pieces of Oryx lore, his cruel creation of the Skull Shrine according to the Realm Eye.

Beyond his well-known curse, Oryx also has many other methods of securing control over the Realm, such as the combined efforts of the Hermit God and Royal Cnidarian to make the oceans hazardous, along with the several Godlands dungeon bosses that serve as Oryx’s generals. The utter scope and air-tightness of his power over the Realm itself really shows just how far he went to ensure his rule.

As for fights, although o1 is usually skipped over and poked fun at, it’s still admirable how many phases they tried to fit in despite not all of them being likely to show up. Additionally, his reasoning for despawning his minions being that he wants to finish the heroes off himself fits with his character. o2 is definitely better with it taking place in a Wine Cellar in contrast to the very barren and boring chambers from before. It’s thematically unique from most “final” dungeons. Oryx’s attacks here are still rough around the edges, but definitely not as messy or dated. Finally is o3 and his sanctuary. Firstly, I love the portal’s design, from the expected Oryx iconography to the glowing blue flames inside to emphasize the threat level. Secondly, each of the four minibosses representing different deadly sins and having unique themes is not only cool, but it also shows the kind of corrupt people Oryx is willing to work with in order to rule the Realm. Finally is Oryx’s final fight itself, where he not only has a super cool design that’s shown in even more detail in Saturn’s amazing art, but the symbol in the center of the carpet combines Alpha and Omega symbols in its design to form Oryx’s head, referencing a line somewhere outside of the game from the Wildshadow/Kabam era that I can’t find but I know for sure called Oryx the “Omega and Alpha of the Realm.” Oryx’s twisting of exaltations for his own selfish game is really cool, and his death dialogue about still having power over many other instances of the Realm caps off the hopelessness of fighting him.

Now for the music. Passage sounds like marching into enemy territory, and the swelling corresponds with how you gradually infiltrate the walls guarding the castle. Heresy is an intense orchestral song that plays up what would have been an intense and difficult first fight. Blasphemy’s slow-paced start is set to roughly match with how you have to slowly trudge through the enemies of the Wine Cellar before you finally make it to Oryx 2 and the music swells in intensity to match the fight. Finally is Apostasy, which has a dramatic orchestral intro to play up the danger of the Sanctuary that tapers off for a few seconds to let the unease set in, not to mention the raised intensity in the final parts. I also love the consistency in having Sorcerer’s Tower’s melody present somewhere in the first 3 songs. In Passage, the melody is played quietly on a piano to show how distant Oryx is. Then in Heresy, it’s played a bit louder and contrasted with dramatic strings to portray the conflict happening. Finally is Blasphemy, where the melody is played a bit more quietly and contrasted instead with a combination of strings and choirs voices, creating a growing intensity with a more difficult Oryx.

As you could easily tell, I love Oryx as a character, from his consistent and persistent iconography, to his threatening, arrogant, and slightly goofy character that makes him more human. His music not only signifies his presence, but makes sure that it’s a threatening presence. Everything that he does and says, from the phases for his fights to the fucking events for the game, are all done out of his own pride. He’s a surprisingly nuanced character if you go out of your way to look closely at him, especially one for a decade+ old top down 2.5d shooter game about firing squares for bullets, and I hope that other people appreciate his characterization more.