Favorite/Most Played Class Poll

  • Wizard
  • Necro
  • Mystic
  • Sorc
  • Priest
  • Archer
  • Huntress
  • Bard
  • Pally
  • Knight
  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Trix
  • Assassin
  • Ninja
  • Samurai

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I actually like all the classes like for real. Although I enjoy Sorc, Bard and Samu the most.

Warrior is pretty pog for high DPS and being OoC most of the cases if using right setup.


There is not a single class I dislike, but assassin and ninja are my favorites :innocent:


I’m not the biggest melee fan, so I tend to stick with longer range. Archer/Hunt are fun to me once I get some decent UTs, but otherwise I like Wiz the most, mainly cuz I got the Azula skin.


With the Void Blade tweaks, Ninja’s become even more fun for me with new setups you can do now.
Comparatively, I really don’t like playing Rogue…


I don’t know which is my favorite between warrior and assassin.

Warrior’s speedy allows for an exhilirating gameplay, while assassin has me use his dagger and poison in conjunction, quick too but requiring more planning.

Wait did I forget about huntress? Or mystic? Their fights look like they’re dancing among monsters, wiping them out, keeping them in their firm grip. Good times.


Behold, another believer! :wink:


Love that you just quoted the word, and not the actual reason why I like the class.


My favourite can change on a whim, but right now it’s Mystic


I guess I can mention my order since it’s changed a tiny bit. Trix is still barely my favorite, but ninja and mystic swapped. It’s now Trix, Ninja, Mystic.


I love assassin and my favorite character ever was an assassin, but overall I think huntress is my favorite class. Bows feel really good to me for some reason, even though most don’t do much damage, and there it a little more variety and versatility with traps than with poisons.


So I play pally the most because it is the safest class for me and has a spot in every group. But my favorite is trickster. I just happen to die on it too much from the rushes that I don’t get to play it as much as pally.


wizard. 1 word. explosion



Loved my Huntress but the feeling of landing a quiver far away is much better, I just strongly dislike that QoT requires red material.


All the staff classes are my favourite then huntress and archer the. The rest are all fun except rogue, assasssin, bard and sam. Rogue is the worst class by far in most cases, the other 3 I enjoy sometimes but if I want to do anything rogue can do I just play trix


Classes that can rush or have a lot of UT options are my favourite ones. Trickster, mystic, priest and rogue are my preferred ones


I just refreshed and I was able to change character. :+1:


Either a character with absurd healing like Priest/Necro or something that lets me go around the realm crazy fast like Trickster/Rogue.
Recently I’ve pretty much only been playing Trix, it’s pretty fun but I deserve to die on it like four weeks ago with how carelessly I play it lol


Honestly how much I enjoy a class really depends on the skin I have for it. That’s at least part of the reason why I like rogue, ninja and necro a lot- because I have beach cake, death, and tiny avatar skins respectively, which I think are pretty cool.