Favorite White Bag


What is your guys favorite white bags?


Oh this is a hard one TBH. It greatly depend on situations.




Oreo. Running around the penteract to each tower and spotting a white bag, holding your breath as you walk up to it and pray that it isn’t a fake about to despawn. Look inside and you see an oreo- Black like the towers were, black like the platform it dropped on. The contrast between the black platform and the white bag, along with the oreo inside is so fucking good. God I wish I could get another oreo to drop


I like the regular one, not the one that you get with a loot drop potion.


I’ve never even been in a Void lmao


neither have i


Sourcestone is a Void white, right?






Tshot and corruption cutter are both pretty fun :wink:


Staves: No opinion TBH.

Wands: Fallen, CWand, Condu. Haven’t tried Lumi so no opinion.

Dagger: CCutter, QSD.

Bow: DBow, CBow, VBow, TShot

Sword: Colo, and DBlade. Haven’t tried Divinity.

Katana: Doku, VBlade, CBlade and Enforcer. Ray is only good for budget 8% EXP bonus.

Cloak: No opinion. At the most Refraction

Quiver: Quiver of Shadow. Maybe Beehemoth Quiv as well.

Spell: Tablet. Haven’t try out others. Genesis and Mushroom Spell.

Tome: FTome and Puri.

Helm: Jugg and Bee Helm.

Shield: Haven’t try them but I say Oryx’s Escutcheon (the “cut” is pronounced as “Kaht” , not “Koot”), CShield, Oggy and that’s all.

Seal: No opinion.

Poison. I actually don’t like Murky b/c of the mana cost (the damage it fine though). POgmur is fine but no luck so far. Don’t know about Medusozoan. I’d stick to tiered poison.

Skull: I like Necro but none of the white bag skulls fits me well.

Trap: Maybe CTrap. CDweller could be good. Vile needs a buff on either damage or somefing.

Orb: Conflict. Conquest (not a white but good stuff).

Prism: Dancing Sword at the closest. Shattered Light as well (even though it is not a white bag).

Scepter: Devastation and Fulmi.

Star: Uh…

Waki: Sakura Waki (reskin of Eastern Wind). I’d better off with T6/7 Waki instead. Maybe Gemstone as well.

Lute: All of them. Concertina good for pseudo-Assassin niche. Requiem’s passive stat need a bit of buff too. From +4 Def/Vit to +5.

Mace: Uh…

Leather: Nil and Turncoat Cape. No cap, I would take Nil over Leviathan.

Robe: Ritual Robe, Diplo. NGL, Shroud is OP even though it’s not white bag.

Armor: CC Armor, BPlate of NLife, Resu and GGuard (buff Mercy to +8 Att/Dex). Oh and Fungal BPlate too.

Ring: Nile, DCoronation, Potato, Gemstone, Sourcestone (only for Exaltation dungeons). Like Mad God Horn’s stat but me no like the sprite of it.

Tomb rings need some buffs. From +4 rainbow stats to +6 or somefing. I would put Sphinx but only if +6 Wis/Vit.


Hot damn. That’s a good answer.


lmao i have turncoat but i quit, sadge


When did you quit? I was just looking at your PPE thread.


ahh. idk, game was getting boring. maybe i’ll come back someday.

yea, but how about we stop taking the thread so far off topic xD


Understandable. I feel like that happens to everyone.


i like strolling through the godlands without a care in the world


That’s one of my new favorite things to do with mine!


It’s only good if you have max Defence-build or else it’s not that great. Me died with 2 Juggs like an idiot.