Favorite White Bag


I use cc with it, yes


But with the equips that I highlighted in red box?


You don’t need a ubdef or a cc to make jugg good. It still is good even with just dominion and any ring. As long as you have 60ish defense it is great. And even with less it still is useful, just not best of best.


Nope. If I decided to farm on GLand, I need at least 74 raw Defence to remain OoC most of the time (mainly Ghost God’s shots). When Armored factored in, I’m talking about 112 Defence with 47 trigger damage, which a Medusa bomb won’t put me to IC.

In Cursed Library’s TRoom (not Avalon b/c of his AP attack), you can nearly being OoC with the respective setup (with Armored factored in).


Being in combat a small percentage of time doesn’t make something not good. I’d take 180 hp over 15 def any day


Max Defence build is only useless on most of the Exaltation dungeons.


Well, that and any situation where you’ve made enemy shots do so little damage that you’re never in combat regardless of your exact gear choices, which on a jugg warrior happens pretty frequently.

Not to mention any situation where shots pierce armor or armor break you.

In any of these situations, you’d probably be better off with a different armor and/or ring to diversify your build. As a general rule, going “all in” on any one stat tends to leave you pretty vulnerable in a lot of scenarios.




fav white bag? tshot


I think my favorite white bag was getting Dbow for the very first time. I wish I can relive rush of euphoria again, but alas, I am desensitized from getting white bags. Although if I were to get a Ogmur, Cdirk, Omni, Void Bow, or any o3 white (especially divinity), I may get that rush of euphoria again.


what dagger is this?


Queen’s Stinger I think. I’ve never seen that abbreviation.


I see. Thank you!


I’ve only seen it from Sakura :man_shrugging:


My favorite sprite has to be dirk just for the sprite alone!
(I mean cmon how wouldn’t you fall in love with this beut of a sprite)


It is. Before its name got changed, it was “Queen’s Stinger Dagger”, which I abbreviated as “QSD”. Even after the change, still calls it by that.




I lost my only Jugg from running through Godlands


Fools prism


Is that midnight star or kageboshi?