Favourite in-game sprites?


@Bohnsen I’d love to like your posts but…


@Bohnsen do you mind if I use your sprites, they are absolutely beautiful


My sprites are free for personal use only - Buy a commercial license for a forumlink and a mushroom


I want to use it as my forum avatar ;-; (the derpi spoodur)


Sure, I sent you a picture as a PN.

Let’s go back to topic:


Ooooh love that wand, another one I love is the Wand of Ancient Terror

p.s. @Bohnsen check your realmeye msgs


These would be more clear imo
edit: The colorscheme on the back is messy. I was in a hurry


/s :’(


i preffer the 8/8 grave sprite


I like the god sprites

Mainly the big snake, the tree, the snail and the mound of dirt.


You forgot the manatee, I mean, who doesn’t absolutely love the manatee?


The bowel-holder is the best, though.


Gigacorn, it looks so glorious and majestic.


You cracked me up

@bohnsen make this happen


@Poopythell @Toastrz Teapot done

edit: HOLY SHIT - now that I examined the sprite I just understand. WTF - I always wondered why there were so many random dots in the face area. It is meant to be like this


Can’t unsee it any more @Bohnsen


One of the best “low” Uts ingame and one of the most beautiful :heartpulse:


Love it <3



damn that explains alot actually