Favourite in-game sprites?


My faves are
Archmage of Flame
Baby Dragon


[thank you @Vixiee for the correction]


I thought this was a Baby Dragon? (this is my favorite sprite ^^)

And this a Baby Drake?


Well, technically its a Drake Baby, but yeah close enough.


Once you find out about this item, You will always be on the hunt for it.

These are my 2 favorite skins


Oh haha you are correct my bad


My 3 favourite sprites are probably the twilight archmage, the old dblade reskin and the cdirk.


Favorite Enemy Sprite. Just seeing it makes you wanna chase it. Am I right?

Favorite Set Skin. It kinda suits the paladin well, a very stocky healer. It’s just adorable.

Favorite Unlockable Skin. Just look at that derpy face. Yeah.


He always looks at his knife as if he’s looking for his soul.

He can cook anything up… but he can’t spice up his relationship with Mary

Bloody Mary.


If there were ever a drunk to keep Oryx company, it’d be this fella


The colors just pop


The shading on the LoD minions is really well done @Piggby, I see why you like them


Lord Ruthven’s sprite is simply fantastic. Excellent pose, sense of shape, and palette makes for a pretty mean design.


I like this

because it was made by me :smiley: (HERE is original )
But best sprite is


Treasure chest + new realm portal looks dope


OG Shaitan
Release 20.0.1 – Release 21.0.0
RIP in peace


OMG OMG OMG!! How did I not see this before?

I see it now, Ruthven is standing up straight and his hand is pointed straight to the left, picking up his cape a bit. see, this is how I saw it before

The two legs pointed down is just one of his legs, and the other leg is the southeast corner of his cape, and the right cape flap next to his face is his other arm! wow.



My pet <3


Skull shrine and the Deathmage skin. I also like many of oryxs sprites that have not been used for the game.

Edit: Of course white bag is the best by far.