Favourite in-game sprites?


Look at that slime god’s face writhing in horror at the ungodly mob that was created.


New favorites to add to my list

Two awesome pet skins

And the unreleased pD armor


People on your screen are also made of pixels, and can be cute.
Also, imagination.


I’m indecisive as hell so I had to choose a bunch of different sprites. These are my all time favorite weapon, ability, armor and ring sprites:
These are some of my favorite skins:
Favorite Pet skin:
And lastly, favorite enemy:


That’s how.


I thought it was only me who saw it like this! The original sprite now barely makes any sense to me. Why is his pupil so wide? Why is his eye located in place of his mouth? Why are his ears white if they are not eyes? If that thing near the beard is supposed to be the eye, then where is his mouth? So many questions!

And then I imagined how I would make him look like…

Also, I think it would make sense for him to have teeth and wide opened mouth if he wants to do this:


They’re not his freaking ears, those would be concealed in his hair, they are horns

Most non-human creatures have larger pupils, and it would definitely make sense for a cyclops to have one

His head is tilted downwards in order to look at you thus giving him a sense of height, the mouth is most obviously covered by his large beard

I never knew anyone even got that sprite wrong


Is it just me or does that look like something from Fire Emblem?


It’s a reference to Fire Emblem yes, this is made more obvious by its name “Lodestar Warrior”, Lodestar not normally denoting any channel must related meaning however it is a class in the Fire Emblem games


image Balaam has such an awesome looking sprite for the minotaur third of it


The other two are cool as well but can’t really compare


I never knew anyone even got that sprite right :thinking:

at least arachna’s shape is still noticeable once you realize what it’s supposed to be (although you may need someone to point out the white eyes), I know what the cyclops is supposed to look like and I still can’t see it.


Dude paying attention to the eyes of these sprites has changed my interpretation so much. Never looked at em hard enough.


Favourite item : image

Favourite pet skin: image

Favourite enemy: image


That enemy keeps forcing my ninja to nexus from WC’s…


This thing is still open, so I might as well post this here.
I found an unused sprite that I like.
Didn’t want to create a seperate thread, though Nevov might end up making one from this anyway.


haHa gLu g gluG bi tChEs


Item: image

Pet: 814236B8-3F24-4BC0-8B94-23E788146740

Enemy: image


image image



Pet skins:



Ogmur’s like the exact pallet as the marble set, wanna put that in too?

(its my fav item in game)