Favourite in-game sprites?


Pet skins I want
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Especially the 4th one


:notes:All I want for Christmas is a Bagston skin…:musical_note:



image image
image image
These enemy sprites have a place in my heart, even the bats!


this is a very mean lad


So beautiful.


Red Bagston
and also sorry but I love all these sprites uwu
originally red bagston didnt work but thanks for @Nevov for helping me

sorry for the bump but since it has content I think it is alright






still never got any of them either :<

I always liked this one too


Dark Rider Ninja is the best skin in the game


T13%20Leaf%20Dragon%20Hide%20Armor C4B73272-2C45-4607-BCAD-CA7BF960363E T13%20Fire%20Dragon%20Battle%20Armor image image
LOD items are very sexy

image image
So are these
image sexy2
Favorite skins
So huggable!


hope I’m not too late
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image 8emGR5B TNDAgxp zadQyor

image VSRsIdP

last but not least, simply because it reminds me of a certain touhou girl :slightly_smiling_face:
image SSIBReiSenUniform


This is in the game now, so it counts >:3


Saint Nicolas' Blade


I love this sprite so much




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