Feargus glitch


I walked behind the top right pillar in lod and i just die just one shot feargus wasnt even there

thats my fucking grave right next to my friend



It’s the classic LoD death to lag. Always look for the warning signs like invisible walls, and enemies trailing off the screen. If you see this, close the game ASAP. It’s not always preventable, but do keep your eye out.

Sorry for your loss!

  1. Crop your screenshots, it’s my pet peeve
  2. Yeah it’s been known to happen in LOD’s especially during lagspikes
  3. I’m not sure what the point of this post is.

Yeah, I do actually sympathise, but it happens to everyone and making a post that kinda whines about it isn’t really going to help. Like I’m not sure what else you expected us to say…I might have an idea.

Here you go;



Hi @Kaguis,
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As much as it sucks that you died, we all know it’s a permadeath game, and dying isn’t really uncommon.
To prevent unnecessary clutter, we’ve made a megathread/collection thread where people can post their deaths. Here’s a link to it : The Death Thread

Also, there’s a search function in the forums (magnifying glass shaped button next to your profile picture - top right of the screen). You should usually use that to check if any topics of a similar variety have been made prior to creating your own.
Again, this just helps to keep the clutter down to a minimum, and for your specific case, there have been a good many discussions about LoD lag deaths, with some good points and tips brought up. Here’s a link to the search for them : https://www.realmeye.com/forum/search?context=topic&context_id=93&q=LoD%20lag&skip_context=true

I hope you enjoy your time on these forums, and in the game, and keep coming back here!


Dear people complaining about LoD deaths,

One day you’re going to realize that staying in a dungeon, any dungeon, during a huge lagspike is just not worth it.

One day you’re going to realize that leeching is just a waste of time.

Until then, have fun reposting the same thread a million times over and getting exactly the same responses every single time.


He isnt really complaining, to me it just looks like a normal bug report.
moved to bugs and known issues
@moderators consider merging with one of those many other threads about this issue.


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