Firecrackers (UT Trap)


Note: it work like rock candy when used, once the trap hits the ground it will AOE effect like rock candy.


a firecraker that was use to worship the gods


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 90
  • Damage: 50 - 100
  • Tile: 3 - 4
  • Effect: 50% chance of Daze the enemy
  • Duration: 2.5 second
  • Stat Bonus: +2 SPD
  • Fame Bonus: 500
  • Feed Power: 3%

Drops From: Pyre


It seems like a very polished idea, but I have a few questions-
Aren’t firecrackers already a thing? Could you elaborate on what purpose the trap would serve?
Also, wouldn’t this thing be OP as F***, especially because it’s infinitely grindable (phoenix lords respawn their minions)?


I think it’s meant to provide huntress the ability to daze, just like with archer and QoT. Also firecrackers are rare and no one actually uses them for their purpose I don’t think.


yea, you know what, i should have made it drop in a white bag.


Yeah, I get that. I just use firecrackers as low level FP. But, it’s still obscenely overpowered for a relatively easy to obtain item, as opposed to the extremely rare QoT and golem brain,
(although it might still be a good idea, given huntresses are thought of as being an archer with a suckier ability).

…shoot i just realized i literally feed my pet explosives


You can edit your original post. Also, maybe remove the minion drop chances, because you’d probably get a bunch of people just shooting the minions instead of the boss.
I agree with this decision, because although I believe we need more cyan bag UTs in the game, your idea would be too powerful for a cyan bag. Hopefully it can have a higher drop chance than other whites, though, because QoT drop chances on an enemy you hardly ever see would be evil.