First hit advantage


Right now it may seem that only the melees have the chance of loot in large events, even with decreased soulbound thresholds I still find myself getting pbags or 0 in events with 15+ people. My idea would hopefully reward the people rushing to the event and the faster lower dps characters. The idea is that the first person to hit a dungeon boss or event god will have a slight advantage in soulbound thresholds. this would make it less profitable to camp at spawn in big dungeon events. Just a quick idea


You know sb is like 1-2 hits, right? After that, it’s RNG.


Congrats you have soul bound.

SB is incredibly generous and does not need to be lowered even more


I don’t think people have the common sense to realize this game revolves around RNG so dealing more damage does jack shit


Time to explain how Soulbound work.

  1. You deal a certain amount of damage to get to the Soulbound threshold.
  2. You are now (usually, may vary depending on boss/dungeon) eligible for a loot drop.
  3. The loot you get is dependent on RNG and drop rate. Dealing more damage than the soulbound threshold does NOT, and I repeat, NOT, increase the chance of getting more desirable loot.

And to trigger and be a killjoy to those who go ‘but mah kendo sticks/fire swords’, there is zero proof that having those items in the very specific 7th slot increases your loot chance or what kind of loot you get.


There is however, proof that carrying a in your 8th slot increases your white bag chance.


Omae wa mou shindeiru.


I really don’t think anyone sane seriously believes that.


There sadly are people who legit believe behind a science of this ‘7th slot’ bullshit. r/rotmg is where most of them lurk, however, so you’re right: barely anyone on RealmEye forums believe that, but look around on r/rotmg.
EDIT: Didn’t catch ‘sane’. You’re right, nobody sane believes that.


I believe it! XD jk


I’d actually like to clarify something about soulbound:

There are different thresholds for different items.

My extensive testing on sprite worlds has yielded that ~30-50 damage is needed for a mark, but more for a dex pot. Both are “guarantees” on solo, but still need a certain amount of damage for each one.


Thank you for bringing that up. I forgot that while RNG debates higher-tier type of drops, marks and pots use their own soulbound thresholds. So you’re right, dealing the same soulbound damage for a pot soulbound means you get a pot and mark, where dealing soulbound damage for a mark soulbound means you just get the mark.


It’s not exactly common knowledge, hence why this thread exists.


It is common knowledge that marks have a lower damage requirement than other items. For anything other than a mark, damage is the same.

@above I’m fairly sure I’ve seen this topic discussed a fair bit before this thread.


Not o2 tops if i recall


Really? AFAIK SB thresholds are the same across all drops. It used to be true that SB levels varied, for bosses primarily, with some high, 10% or more. But DECA flattened them all downwards. They also introduced HP scaling and added phases so events and bosses could not be instakilled, stopping slower players getting in any damage.

So you see players with chars doing tiny amounts of damage getting SB. E.g. a new char levelling with gear they’ve just picked up. If you know how not to die you can take a char like that to Oryx, even O2, and get drops as good as everyone else.


I actually used to use a T2 sword at MBC and Void just for laughs. I would use cutlass for getting to boss, and T2 sword on the actual bosses. I never struggled with getting loot, and I’m pretty sure I never missed it. Soulbound on everything is surprisingly low


man I always thought it was a massive meme and I supported it way back when too. Though when was kendo ended in. I know fire sword had been a thing for a while but then kendo suddenly popped in.


Ah, if it were only that simple…


To OP, I’d encourage you to remember that in most cases rushers already do give themselves the advantage over leechers, because their activity means they see more events and bosses than the lazy who stands around waiting for things to happen while the world turns. The only times they won’t is if the rusher is rushing above their capability, and they end up nexusing.

And the game truly is the most generous it has ever been for giving anyone the chance to loot, with low sb thresholds and high HP (to the point of boredom sometimes) on everything, so there isn’t such a problem underlying things as you describe. A 0/8 level 20 with T6 gear can loot in most circumstances (so long as they survive). Getting 0 or pbag often is normal, and we are all the same in that regards.

To the idea:

I see what you’re trying to do with the reward, but have to say it would turn bad for a few reasons: main one being anything competitive like this excessively rewards cheaters/autoaimers, who have a way higher likelihood than standard players to get the first hit in (and can use cheats to give themselves faster movement). It would push other players towards cheating in order to compete, which would be a big negative.

It wouldn’t work to discourage leechers, because such people would adapt tactics like waiting for someone to rush 95% of the way, then teleport to the last room using a fast class (ninja/trickster/warrior) and ‘steal’ the first hit (and proceed to toxically gloat). OT in Kabamtimes was a bit like this, because back then the sb threshold was high on Thessal, so you needed to do max possible dmg. An 8/8 warrior was able to fully leech the rushing, then TP and reach the boss before the rushers, giving themself a higher chance to get mana due to doing more dmg.

You’d also get weird things like people spamming wizard spell without a care to properly aim, in the hope to luck into the first hit bonus.


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