Flag System Broken


I am fairly certain the flag system is not broken. Whoever flags something gets the post to be reviewed by a Moderator for a second review as a double check. Thus, if any user flags something as off-topic, spam, or inappropriate it will be double checked by one of the mods. Unless of course things have changed in the past few weeks.

Having said that, I do not fully understand what you mean when you say the system is broken, can you elaborate?


no, I didn’t think it was you

I just think that it was you at all
tbh i don’t hold anything against you despite what you may or may not think

iirc in Nov we has a problem with one flag hides and I don’t think that was fixed


Ah, I did not know. I do know if a regular flags a level one member’s post, it is hidden, but it should not happen to you; unless of course there is still such a bug in the system.

Have your post been hidden, or something else? Only trying to help and understand the situation.


yeah my posts were hidden, hence reg removal


But you are still a level two, not one. So maybe there is a bug or you were really off-topic. I could not say as I never recall flagging any of your posts. Regardless, they should not be hidden unless it was a Mod decision. If the latter is the case then all I can suggest is to say on topic, do not spam, and keep your posts appropriate. But you know that already having been a regular. Sorry I cannot help any more good sir.


Replying as you tagged me, but it’s only Moderators who manage the flagging/infraction/punishment system, so I don’t have any specific information to give.

My general understanding is it does require several people to flag a post to make it hidden. The Flags FAQ page talks about the autohiding:


a) off topic flags dont count for reg
b) they also need to be approved by a mod to count for reg


okay this has me confused

THIS was called spam? whomst? why?

edit: how many flags to get rid of reg?


6 within the last 100 days


then offtopic must count, definitely dont have 6 non-offtopic


Back when I lost it the notification for flags seemed to be broken

You can look at https://www.realmeye.com/forum/u/arexrew/messages to see how many flags you’ve gotten


That has to be wrong, lost my reg because I got flagged as inappropriate on that “decker bad and they really suck” thread that pixle-whateverthefuck made.

I’ve only got 3. I thought it was broken back then because I was the only one being flagged down even though he was using the same language as me, I think he was able to 1-flag me. (Wasn’t there a problem with book or IlDudino where they were one-flagging a little bit ago?)


I would go out on a limb and say that, assuming your information is correct, it’s most likely someone abusing the system by trolling you. R.I.P


Like I said, the notifications for flags were broken and probably still are.


I checked the link you sent and I swapped his name for mine, only 3 flags.


All those flags for me ;n;


I’m 90% sure off topic flags aren’t supposed to count towards regular demotion


Yeah I had this kinda in the back of my mind also. Well it looks from the most recent reply from OP with screenshot that the tipping point flag was issued for spam, so the off-topic flags wouldn’t be the problem in this case, it seems.


looking back, i have 9 flags
1 inappropriate
4 spam
4 offtopic

1 inappropriate and 1 spam occurred 104 days ago


Hmmm. Posts that are marked as Off-Topic should not count against you as far as Regular status is concerned. It would appear that something doesn’t add up here; please allow me to look into this.