Flash for Kongregate Stopped Working


So I played some realm today and everything was fine. Tried playing not long ago and the game won’t load giving me an error message. My realm account is through Kongregate, and I usually play on the Flash Player Projector Debugger. The URL is up to date, everything is correct, as I’ve been doing it like this for years. I’ve attached an image of the issue. Any insight would be great, as I’ve done some research to no avail.

Thank you


ok i’ll just make the same reply as i did to the other post you made about this. bit late though.

you’re using the debug version of flashplayer. since rotmg’s code is shaky at best, oftentimes you’ll find yourself getting notifications from the debugger. people have died from the sudden popups. just install or use the normal version of flashplayer if you have it.


Running on the normal flash player gives me nothing but the loading screen. I have not been banned in case someone suggests, given that I can play on browser. If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated.


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